10 Qualities Desirable In An Employee

Let’s face it, finding the right employee can be just as difficult as it is for an employee trying to find the right job.

Working as a coach and consultant for many years, I’ve been able to take an inside look into how businesses choose whom to hire. With that comes an insight into not only the type of qualities an employer should be looking for, but the type of qualities a potential employee should strive for and showcase.

Of course, it’s easy to drift off course.

Some people get into a rut and lose focus on the characteristics that can make them successful. People are sometimes hired based on an immediate need to fill a position, regardless of their qualifications. The other side of this is true as well. People often apply for jobs due to an urgent need for income or to get out of a current employment situation that isn’t working.

Over the years I’ve noticed certain common characteristics that appear again and again in successful employees. Each and every one of them pays attention to these ten areas of their business and/or life to stay on top of their game.

Regardless of the position and the standard skills required to perform the tasks, there are 10 universal qualities that make a great employee.

Whether you’re looking to hire a superstar or looking to be a superstar on a great team, you need to know these:

1. Sincerity

People who are genuine and sincere with their thoughts and actions are on a fast track for success. They inspire self-confidence in others as they show their sincerity through their words and actions. Someone who is consistently honest and who strives to never be a hypocrite, is a great employee.

2. Ambition

A strong work ethic should be a given. Someone who can focus on the tasks at hand and stimulate their own ambition, is someone who thrives on seeing results. They don’t justwant to succeed, they have a incredible desire to succeed.

3. Strong Character

A great employee is a person of strong character. They are straightforward and rarely shift of course. Their track record is one that demonstrates consistent dependability.

4. Personality

Never underestimate how important it is that someone is easy to like. In fact, I could argue this is the most important trait of all. If someone isn’t easy to get along with and people don’t like them right from the start, then they will NEVER succeed.

5. Initiative10 Qualities Desirable In An Employee

People who wait to do a task until it’s asked of them are not a good employee. Self-starters are the winners in the world. They don’t need someone to do things for them. They know what needs to be done and they do it.

6. Creativeness

Ideas are a strong form of currency in the workplace. Someone with a creative imagination can go a long way in contributing to your overall goals. A fresh idea can change an entire business, and in some cases, an entire industry. Find someone who isn’t afraid to think.

7. Positive Attitude

Great employees are the ones who think of every reason something will work, rather than every reason it might not. They aren’t afraid of set-backs and obstacles. In fact, they thrive on them. They are ready for anything and maintain an optimistic outlook.

8. Speaking Ability

Just because an employee may not need to be speaking to clients, doesn’t mean they should be able to effectively communicate. They should be able to speak intelligently and speak clearly. I’ve not hired someone before because they couldn’t communicate well, despite having great qualifications for the job.

9. Writing Ability

Nothing is more frustrating and disappointing than reading a poorly written email or other form of communication. Unless you’re a doctor, you should be able to write properly.

10. Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is contagious. It affects those around them in positive ways. An enthusiastic person can inspire fellow co-workers as well as clients. Enthusiastic people have a way of getting what they want in life easier than most. Show enthusiasm in all that you do.

There are specific skills that are required of certain jobs. You know that. These qualities make up a strong foundation of a great employee, regardless of other skills and talents that may be needed for the position.

When hiring someone based on these ten qualities, you’re setting yourself up for success. If you’re looking for a better job, then evaluate where you stand with these qualities. A strong position in each of these areas will help you write your own ticket.

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