3 Ways Digital Marketing is Changing in 2017

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past decade, you’ve already realized the power of digital marketing. But effective digital marketing strategy changes just as quickly as the seasons. Consider, for example, the potential changes 2017 has in store for digital marketers and small businesses alike.

As the marketing landscape changes and new technology becomes available, each year marketers have new challenges to face. Search engines demand fresh, original content. Customers require a personal touch from the companies they patronize, usually in the form of a social networking site or on demand customer service.

A few years ago, cell phones became the instrument of choice for finding information concerning products and services. Now the growth of mobile marketing is out of control. With those things considered, the verdict is in: businesses that take more steps to interact with their users, and enhance the user experience will come out on top.

Here are three changes to keep your eye on in 2017.

Social WiFi

In the past, when business owners or marketers wanted to use wifi at their favorite places (ie. a coffee shop), they were required to choose their network and give a username and password before being able to access WiFi services.


But, social networking sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, now allow the user to log on to many public wifi services using their social media accounts, instead of creating a username and password.

This is a win-win for both the customer and the business.The customer doesn’t have to waste time creating a username and password, and the business can capture relevant customer information via their social media profiles.

Through this service, consumers can “like” and “follow” your business and receive digital promotional coupons. When Subway began using the social platform marketing tool in 2015, they drew 16,000 new users into their program within the first four months.

The key to doing this right, is to actually do something with the information that’s captured. Analyze your target demographics and market to them.

AI Solutions

More and more often, companies are using AI solutions to help them navigate an increasingly complex digital world. Applications keep track of the customer base, create customer profiles and analyze data to predict customer needs.

Lauren Wilkison at CSC Digital Marketing states that it’s all about consumer study. “Brands continue to become more attuned to the needs and priorities of the consumer, and organizations will need to evolve with the trends, via advanced AI programs. Modern AI is so much more than horrible telephone recordings that are impossible to navigate. The right AI solutions can streamline your customer service, and improve the customer experience”

These systems of the future will seamlessly weave together a client’s website, social media site, and analytics, as well as coupon and discount offers.

The Value of Speed

Gone in sixty seconds is nearly accurate in terms of the lightning speed with which today’s device users acquire and send information.

Businesses will be expected to stay on their toes as new trends surge into sight, then disappear again under the influence of social media interests. It is expected that there will be at least three new platforms we haven’t yet heard of, rising to social prominence before the year 2018. Mobile devices will emerge as the consumer’s most valued tool in this race to check online product attributes and take advantage of coupons.

If you’ve been putting off creating a mobile friendly website, you’ll fall behind in 2017. Having a web presence isn’t enough anymore. You have to be mobile friendly across all platforms, or you risk losing a significant percentage of your potential customers.

Times are changing, and the businesses that fail to evolve will surely be left behind. Make education and staying on top of trends in digital marketing a priority in 2017.

Article Written by Blair Nicole Nastasi of Business 2 Community