3 Ways to Use New Instagram Slideshow Posts for Your Blog, Brand or Business

Instagram’s latest update has provided a new way to share photos and videos on the network – now you’re able to add multiple photos and videos to a single post.

Here, I’ll give you a few ideas on how to use Instagram’s new slideshow posts for your blog, brand or business.

But before I get into how to use the feature for your business, here’s a quick walk-through on how to create your own Instagram slideshow:

1. Open your app and you’ll see a small icon on the bottom right of the image part of the screen. The icon looks like multiple pages stacked on top of each other – click on it and you’ll be able to choose multiple images and videos from your camera roll to create your slideshow (up to ten). The order in which you click will be the order in your content comes up, and it’ll all be resized to the square format.

3 Ways to Use New Instagram Slideshow Posts for Your Blog, Brand or Business | Social Media Today2. Click next to choose a filter (the same filter will apply to all images).

3 Ways to Use New Instagram Slideshow Posts for Your Blog, Brand or Business | Social Media Today3. Click next again and you’ll be able to write your Slideshow caption and individually tag other accounts in each individual photo

3 Ways to Use New Instagram Slideshow Posts for Your Blog, Brand or Business | Social Media Today4. Click ‘Post’ and you’re done

Now here are 3 ways you can use Instagram Slideshows for business:

1. Step By Step Instructions/Product Demos

Ten images and videos should give you enough space to show off a product or teach your audience how to do something, step-by-step. I already have ideas swirling in my head about how chefs and food blogs can present recipes, how fashion bloggers can detail looks for their “outfit of the day”.

2. Tell a Story/Recap an Event

Now you don’t have to choose the best photo or just one video to recap an event – use a mix of both to create a narrative and really engage your audience.

Beyond having the opportunity to showcase more highlights, this new Instagram format gives you the ability to really dive in and tell a story. Narrate the post from start to finish, or simply share your top ten favorite moments.

Remember that this is your opportunity to take your audience on a mini adventure with you.

3. Create a Collection

Creating a collection post is made easier with Instagram Slideshows.

What do I mean by creating a collection? Think of presenting a list or multiple products or ideas in one post. This can range from displaying multiple related products, presenting a round-up of your top ranking blog posts for the week, or even a “list” of your favorite influencers, inspiration or resources.

BONUS: Instagram Slideshows can be a great way to tease content

Got a big release coming soon?

Tease your audience and give them sneak peeks of what’s to come. Tour your photoshoot set – only provide close-up details or let them see a progression. And of course, make that last post a cliffhanger so they come back to see the final release.

These little teasers not are not only relationship builders, they can help build buzz for your campaigns.

I really am so excited to see how creative both people and brands will be getting with Instagram Slideshows. I’ve seen awesome connecting grids on Facebook and I’m sure you Instagram creators will be blowing us away soon. Being able to mix photos and videos provides a great platform for further expression and context.

In the meantime, check out my first Instagram Slideshow featuring a few of my favorite things:

This post originally appeared on Dhariana Lozano’s blog

Article Written by Dhariana Lozano of Social Media Today