4 Digital Marketing Tips to Drive Website Traffic

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing. In this highly competitive landscape, it has never been more important to keep up to date with the latest changes and advancements in digital marketing.

When your business dedicates adequate resources to digital marketing, it improves your chances of success in the digital world, but it does not guarantee it. You have to be savvy with your digital marketing strategy to ensure you get the most out of your campaign.

Let’s take a look below at some of the most valuable digital marketing tips to drive website traffic to ensure you get the most out of your strategy.


1. Videos

Businesses usually cringe when they think about making a company video. This is because they think about all the hard work and money that has to be invested in order to ensure that a high-quality video is made. However, this is no longer the case. You do not need expensive equipment and paid actors to make a professional business video.

Humans are visual. We enjoy, connect and engage much more with a video then we do with simple text. Videos are an important aspect of digital marketing for 2017, and if you do not have some sort of business video, you are certainly behind the eight ball.


2. Social media

Social media has been around for a while now, but it has never been more important to connect with your clients on this type of platform. More people are using social media than ever, and no matter what demographic you are targeting, you will be able to find a significant proportion of them here.

Social media requires constant effort and updating. You can’t just post once every now and again, you need to post every day (or multiple times per week). It is also important for you to check all your accounts for any messages, comments, etc., to ensure your response time is fast.


3. Influencer marketing

Leading off the previous point of social media comes influencer marketing. Social media has cultivated what we call “influencers.” They are social media celebrities, and in this digital world, if you can get one to support your business and/or product, you have a winning formula.

These influencers have a huge following and, therefore, when they post about your product, it reaches a large number of people. Followers trust the opinion of their favorite online celebrity and are likely to look into the product they are endorsing.


4. Keywords and on-page optimization

Digital marketing also includes SEO (search engine optimization). This should be a continuous effort, but sometimes businesses can get sidetracked. If you haven’t thought about your website’s SEO in a while, now is the time.

Take a look at important on-page factors, including site design and layout, mobile friendliness, page speed, title tags, keyword placement and landing pages. A key component of on-page optimization for 2017 is mobile friendliness.

If your website isn’t mobile friendly or you do not have a mobile version of your website, Google will not look so favorably when indexing and ranking. There are more mobile searches on Google then there are on desktops. Google understands this and is making sure websites take note as well.

Article written by: Lucas Bikowski