4 Facebook Ad Tactics That Drive Real Results

Revealing far more than mere clicks and views, Facebook enables business owners to understand what ad components are working and why.

The entire point of advertising is to drive conversions and sales. Sounds simple enough, right? But it’s undeniable that advertising is a challenging art form. If you run an online business and you choose to advertise in only one location, Facebook is your best bet.

Over the past several years, Facebook has come to dominate a large portion of the online advertising market because of its highly refined, detailed targeting and performance metrics.Revealing far more than mere clicks and views, Facebook enables business owners to understand what ad components are working and why. Moreover, paid social ads like Facebook’s advertising system enables small businesses to reach unfathomably sized audiences.

While many brands have had to learn this modality through a long (and sometimes expensive) process of trial, error, and experimentation. Nowadays, there are now a plethora of detailed resources and tools, offering highly effective Facebook ad tactics for skyrocketing sales.

Seeking to shine a light on Facebook ad secrets, we will now examine 4 actionable Facebook ad tactics for getting the most value out of your ad set and gaining more conversions.

1. Remarket to an Interested Audience

Brands from every niche leverage Facebook to drum up new prospects and customers. What’s often more practical, however, is utilizing social adverts to target users who have already visited your site-particularly a product page. These folks know who you are and have expressed interest in your offerings. In addition, they have been converted and are ready to make a purchase.

Only a few consumers will follow through with a purchase on their first visit to your site. That’s why you need to install a Facebook Pixel on your website. This pixel enables you to collect info about who visits your site so that you may later target them with the Custom Audience option on Facebook. Through this targeting feature, your Facebook adverts will be served to folks who have already visited your site and are more likely to click-through, and convert. To amplify the effectiveness of this technique, filter out your audience of current customers so that you’re only targeting those who have viewed a product, but have yet to purchase anything.

A helpful tip is to try running these remarketing ads at the beginning of the month. Choosing to reintroduce the ads at the start of a month is the perfect timing since people get paid and are more likely to spend their cash.

2. Apply Offer Ads

Keeping in mind the previous section, Facebook Offer ads are a powerful tool for recapturing those who almost converted. This is also an effective lure for new customers. This fact becomes apparent when one understands that a whopping 92% of consumers used a coupon in the past year. Everyone loves a discount.Utilizing this ad format, you can retarget near-purchase consumers, highlight sales your brand is already running, or even provide introductory discounts to seduce new customers.

What makes this ad format particularly effective is that users need not leave Facebook to redeem the offer, meaning that there is less friction in the sales cycle. Adding to this ad’s allure, it also provides social proof by showing how many others have already claimed their discount, furthering the potential of another sale.

3. Leverage the Power of Video

A video is the most engaging form of content on the web today, and by most predictions, will continue to be for years to come. A video is the future of online content.This is supported by the fact that Facebook prioritizes video content in people’s Feeds, which is one of the many reasons that your brand should be leveraging video adverts.

Promoters already know that tens (if not hundreds) of millions of hours of video is watched on Facebook every day. This, combined with the bump in prioritization, engagements rates, and the fact that videos play automatically when scrolled over, is a recipe for success.

Visibility + Engagement = Clicks

As a bit of a bonus, video views can be retargeted for a full 365 days, whereas website clicks only carry for 180 days. All hail video content!

4. Split Test for Best Results

Most small businesses have a limited budget to advertise their services or products. This makes split testing an absolute necessity as it enables advertisers to identify well-performing ads and elements to adjust them to spend accordingly.

As a best practice, your business should always create multiple ads for a company and test variations on imagery, messaging, calls-to-action, and other ad elements to improve your performance.

For example, if your brand starts a retargeting campaign using an image ad when the relevancy score begins to fall you can:

  • Create another ad with a different image
  • Create the same ad with different copy
  • Create a differently formatted ad (video, carousel, etc.)

Alternatively, you can create the same ad targeting different regions of the country. Through this paradigm, you can discover where your audience lives by assessing the ad’s cost per result and then allocate the rest of your budget accordingly.

What you don’t want to do is end the campaign and begin a new one as this doesn’t allow you to compare results in an effective manner.

Split testing is a must in advertising as this helps businesses minimize wasted resources and develop highly resonant ads. This is a practice you should get extremely comfortable with.


Facebook advertising can be a goldmine or a money pit, depending on how you approach it.

If you have an intimate understanding of the folks you are trying to reach, a good feel for the most compelling ad formats, and are willing to experiment with various components like images and copy, you are likely to drive increased traffic and sales for your brand.

Article written by Anthony Carranza