4 Ways Video Can Propel Your Social Media Marketing Performance



Your social media catalogue might be brimming with options but the marketing outputs often seem less than satisfactory. While written content is good to share, social platforms are actually getting saturated with the same. There has been an influx of writers and every genre is being covered with precision. Therefore, it is imperative to opt for approaches other that the conventional realms of posts, articles and written snippets.

The first thing which comes to mind is a video, which can certainly improve the ways you interact with the audience— previously tagged as readers. Be it driving traffic to your blogs or getting noticed, via Twitter Ads— videos do form an integral part of your marketing campaign. Apparently, the infectious concept of Facebook Ads and online streaming also pan down to the best use of videos— even Live ones in some cases.

In this post we will be addressing 4 approaches which can help improve your social media presence alongside improving the marketing performances associated with each:

#1: Videos and Twitter Ads

Twitter is one extremely yielding social platform which has a place for advertisements. However, putting videos to use can be an entirely different and lucrative proposition. The trick here is to leverage the mobile audience existent over this platform. Promoting your campaign via Videos needs to start from the scratch.

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Before enlisting the tips, it is important to zero in on the promotional aspects which need to be included with the video. Once the mind is clear and strategies are planned out, put the following hacks to use:

  • Start with a Product Catalogue

To be clear, Twitter video advertisements are one of the best ways to unveil services and products. However, to enhance the efficacy of the products, it is advisable to start off with a product catalogue. The categories need to be styled according to attitude and even the atmosphere. The trick is to appall the audience with engaging visuals. One of the examples is Android Wear which flaunts a slew of interesting smartwatch accessories, via GIFs. The catalog is further strengthened by minimalistic messages.

  • Showcasing User Experience

For any Ad to be successful, it needs to feature the customers and their product experiences. Include customer-centric videos as Ads can motivate people and make them download the CTA tab. Opt for discounts, special services and other tempting features to be included in these videos.

  • How-to Videos Work Like Magic

One of the smartest Twitter ad strategy using videos is to work on something instructional. Not just Twitter, but this approach can be beneficial even when marketing something via YouTube. The trick is to be interactive and not boring. If the instructional snippet looks good, people will automatically click on link that leads to the complete video on your website or YouTube account.

  • Repurpose Content

It is advisable to repurpose TV Ads over Twitter. Most TV Ads have already connected to the audience and offering the same over Twitter will only be beneficial. Adapting a TV sport is an incentive as you can then include CTA buttons and a few tailored copies of the same. If you are falling short of a TV Ad, repurposing a simple demo video can also be useful. The trick is to be concise and clear.

  • Offer a Hook at the Beginning

The way forward is to entice the viewers within three seconds. This is the pivotal phase which needs to be kept snappy and short. Look to pack in spectacles within videos, preferably within the first few seconds.

  • Look to Make It Work Sans Acoustics

Most Twitter Video advertisements are played over mobiles where beefing up the sound isn’t an option. Most videos start playing silently unless the sound is activated. Therefore, look to create video ads which make sense even without the acoustics.

  • Narrate the Entire Story

Opt for a strategy that clearly segregates the concise video into segments. Start with brand introduction and slowly build towards the framework. Conclude with a hard-hitting CTA.

  • Reinforcing CTAs

The Call to Actions need to be clear and strong. It is advisable to opt for voiceovers, end cards and overlay texts.

  • Don’t be Wary of Limitations

All you need is a sequence of images to create the Twitter Ad Video. Be it a simple GIF or a basic brand introduction, the right approach will surely win you accolades over this social platform.

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#2: Streaming Videos: Delayed and Live

Streaming is certainly one of the most underrated approaches to social media marketing. While the prospects are massive, the strategies used by marketers often fail in the long run. Before we start enumerating the tips, it would be beneficial to look for the best streaming resources for the job in hand.

  • Opt for Live Streaming via Periscope

Twitter managed Periscope is a great platform for entrepreneurs and marketers to tease events and launches. This platform comes with several customizable options and offer a great way to connect with the audience— in real-time.

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  • Google Duo Leads the Pack

Video calling is now easy as Google Duo also supports real-time interfacing with more than one individual. While this is an extremely strategic move from Google, our personal favorite Hangouts on Air will soon be taken out of the equation.

  • Opt for Online Streaming Services for Better Marketing

Apart from Live streaming, delayed or buffered streaming is also an option for marketers. There are several options where people can put up their videos online for the viewers to see at their preferred time slot. Making your video available over Showbox, Hubi, TubiTv and many other applications which are compatible with Android, iOS and even with Windows. This approach can easily propel the social media marketing performance as the featured videos will be viewed occasionally and ratings will popularize them, even more.

#3: Facebook Ads and the Use of Videos

Facebook advertising can be readily enhanced on opting for a video-centric approach. While this happens to be the most powerful format of user engagement, there are 6 essential hacks for making things even better.

  • The First Few Pivotal Seconds

Similar to what we saw with Twitter’s Video-Advertisements, Facebook audience also respond well to videos that can grab attention within seconds. If the video doesn’t have spectacles within the first few seconds, the retention percentage drops drastically. As a matter of fact, only 33 percent of viewers actually complete the video. Strategies like having an introduction, logos and credits, lots of speech and talking out of context can have a negative impact on your marketing goals.

  • Optimizing Videos for Views

Videos are actually formats which are designed for reaching specific targets. It is always advisable to segregate the objective— well in advance. The preferred approach would be to select videos for views, as this is in-line well with Facebook and often guarantees a clean marketing strategy.

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  • Using Videos in Carousel Ads and Even Links

For someone looking to drive traffic to a website, video-embedded carousel ads can be great options. You might have used carousel ads with video clips and static images but using them with links can help with better descriptions, call-to-actions and even headlines. Moreover, carousels offer support for multiple videos and bring in the concept of visual storytelling.

  • Target Videos when on Wi-Fi

Your ad-campaign costs you a lot when it comes to impressions and clicks. However, if the video doesn’t play as desired, owing to slow connections— it might just refrain users from going further into the video. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for a different plan in your Ad-set level. The desired one is to target devices only when they are connected to the Wi-Fi as this is usually synonymous to a faster connection.

  • Video Audiences Need to be Created

Another tip to succeed over Facebook is to create video audiences based on the levels of engagement. Create videos and use Facebook’s updated feature for catering them to audiences with different retention levels.

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  • Thumbnails Pique Interest

Many users might have deactivated autoplay and for a video to work it needs to have a near perfect and compelling thumbnail. Look for images from within the video or upload any of the preferred ones out of your gallery. The tip is to opt for a thumbnail having the same aspect ratio to the videos— 1:1 and 16:9 for the square ones. For links it can be anywhere between 1:1.91. Look for lesser number of words even though Facebook has stripped off 20 percent from the existing limit of texts.

Bottom Line

Regardless of your target, videos over the social networking channels need to be concise and simple. While advertisements need to be handled with care, it is always advisable to bring in a sense of unpredictability without treading over the lines of Clickbait. Social Media Marketing is a vastly competed arena but videos offered in the form of streamed content and advertisements can certainly hold their own.

Article written by Richard Smith of Business 2 Community.