40 Public Relations Tips From Pros On Influencer Marketing

The way we consume content has changed so much over the past decade.

People no longer adhere to a broadcaster’s schedule. In fact, they simply don’t have the attention span to retain traditional forms of marketing.

Enter influencer marketing, a form of marketing that has been around for decades, yet has been redefined for the digital age.

In the past, influencers needed to use verbal word of mouth to influence people, yet now they have access to blogging and social media platforms to share their voices with anyone who chooses to listen. This type of marketing is far more subtle because people can choose when they want to visit a blog or social media channel, and in essence, when they would like to be influenced (whether that’s to find new ideas, trends, or make informed purchase decisions).

When people are looking for specific advice, they usually turn to Google, which, in turn, surfaces posts that are oftentimes written by these influencers who have a hyper-awareness of their specific niche topic.

Unfortunately, the very thing that makes influencer marketing so influential in the first place is also the thing that makes it so messy. Influencers have won the trust of their readers because of their unbiased opinions and genuine suggestions. This is the very reason why they’re influential in the first place.

So, unlike PPC ads, where you shovel some money in and clicks come out the other end, marketers are dealing with numerous bloggers that all have their own styles of working, producing content, and negotiating rates. The whole thing is messy.

In order to help brands get a grasp on the whole set up, The Shelf enlisted 40 PR experts to provide insights on how to run influencer marketing campaigns successfully from start to finish.

Ahead, we’re sharing their tips in this nifty infographic.

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By: Lauren Jung