5 Ways You Can Use Influencer Created Content to Support Your Brand

Get the most out of your influencer campaign

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Sometimes when we run amazing influencer campaigns for brands, we find ourselves at the end wondering…where does the content go? Marketers frequently understand the benefits of having influencers create and share about brands on their personal channels– to get the amplification– but they can fail to realize the opportunities for repurposing that influencer-created content after the campaign has ended. We think it is important (and cost-effective!) to get as much mileage out of influencer content as possible.

1. Populate your social channels

Brands have a unique struggle– they need to create tons of content and come across as human on social media. The humans responsible for populating branded social channels know that this can be a gigantic amount of work. Use the content that your influencers created to supplement your content calendar and personalize your brand.

2. Use in place of stock/studio on your website

There’s something about stock photos… no matter how good they are you can always root them out. The personality and imperfection that influencer content can bring to your brand persona is just what you need to bring your brand to life. To show how real people use your products and how they look nestled in amongst the trappings of an actual life. Not just organized in a perfectly lit studio. Use these images on your web to make your products more interesting/appealing.

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3. Run ad campaigns to targeted demographics

Brands use influencers to create content that resonates with a specific audience— millennials, moms, rock climbers, whatever it may be. By sharing content on their personal social channels, brands gain access to influencer’s captive audiences. But boosting that content out in ad runs can provide even more exposure and guarantee that you’re hitting the exact intended demographics with this imagery perfectly attuned to their tastes.

4. Use in email campaigns

Not a big departure from the idea of using influencer content in place of stock on your website, but worth noting. Email is such a valuable tool for marketers, why not send out an email campaign with an enticing product offer and a great visual idea of how your products could fit into your customers’ lives?

5. Use in banner images and social media headers

Another aspect of bringing approachability and humanity to your brand’s social presence. Use influencer content to shake up the corporate logos and highly-staged, photoshopped or graphic designed banner images and social media headers on your site.

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Print them on a Tee shirt and wear them around your office

This is a great way to get more budget for future influencer campaigns. Just kidding. Well, maybe. Depends on the content I guess. But actually, using influencer content to evangelize the tactic across brands or accounts is a great way to spread the word about the cool ways you’re promoting the brand. We talk about brand campaigns internally and we encourage you to also!

If you decide to use influencer images or video, just remember to give credit to the creator of the content– you’ll want to anyways because working with influential creators gives the brand extra street cred and giving credit where credit is due covers your bases legally.

Article Written by Ami Iannone of Business 2 Community