6 Reasons Why Powerful Content Marketing Is The Only Hope For Start-Ups

When it comes to making an impact on the World Wide Web, many of us will be aware of the tools that are required. These can include a website, magazine advertising as well as offline local marketing. While this will put us in the right position to contend with the business world, there are more factors for us to consider when it comes to making an impact online. One of the main factors we must consider when looking to gain traction is the use of content marketing. Not everyone will be aware of how important content marketing is, but the following reasons will reinforce as to why it should be at least a consideration.

When approached in the right way, content marketing can yield a number of rewards, and it’s simply a case of designing our campaign in the right way.

1. It Builds Brand Awareness

Nowadays, people look at businesses as so much more than a company name. They look at the company as an entity, as an institution. While the Internet has brought a slew of benefits to start-ups, it also means that any new entity has to be fully aware of modern marketing tactics that are currently being used. Content marketing allows a business to truly promote its company to customers while educating its users with relevant content. Many will be influenced to try out a company based on its current efforts, while others may be enjoying the good reputation currently circulating the Internet. You can even create content that looks to offer a series of answers to any questions a customer may have.

2. Build Customer Relationship

This follows on from brand awareness, in that a person starts to develop a relationship with a company. However, we shouldn’t assume that content marketing is no longer required. More people will return to a website that offers valuable content as well as a service or product, and maintains the relationship moving forward.

3 . Content Marketing is Cost-Effective

One of the great things about content marketing is how adaptable it is in relation to cost. Whether you’re looking to make an impact globally, or just locally, content marketing can open up a world of marketing that is both, effective and affordable.

Of course, your start-up will need to ensure that it is using the right channels, but the diversity of approach ensures that you’re able to reach a number of potential visitors with ease, regardless of how niche your market is.

4. If You Don’t, Someone Else Will

While it may be easy to assume that content marketing isn’t for us, it’s also worth noting that an astonishing 89 percent of start-ups adopt content marketing as part of its efforts to grow their business. So, what does this mean for those who don’t? Evidently, it can depend on the type of business you run. While there is no reason you won’t win new business by not instilling content marketing, the pickings will be slim when compared to adopting content marketing as part of your online strategy.

5. Ascertain Your Online Audience

When it comes to the Internet, it’s no secret that many will have their own ‘go-to’ site when it comes to content. Some may use bookmarking sites, whereas others may use other methods such as search engines and social networks. While this may be an obstacle in the first regard, it becomes a benefit in the long run. As well as being able to post content to numerous platforms, you can also utilise various tools to see where your engagement lies.

This allows you to continue with content that’s hitting the mark while allowing you to iron out any content that may not be making the desired impact. Using the data collected, you can even offer customers a more personal approach when it comes to meeting their expectations.

6. Maximise Your ROI

One of the main worries when it comes to marketing is the budget we have at our disposal. While a significant spend may mean more coverage, we may be spending more than we’re making as a whole. However, content marketing is around 62 percent cheaper than traditional marketing mediums, meaning that your return on investment can be maximised.

As such, every campaign doesn’t have to centre around budgets. You just need to ensure that you have a well-thought-out campaign to make sure that you’re striking the right chord with your online audience.


As you can see, there are several different reasons as to why a content marketing is an absolute necessity when it comes to reaching new audiences and customers. What’s more, a start-up doesn’t have to be in receipt of millions to be able to come up with a campaign that can easily rival that of the bigger players in the arena.

However, to ensure that we’re on the right path when it comes to content marketing, we need to make sure that we explore all aspects, and look to present our content in the right way. What works for one company may not necessarily work for another.

Article Written by Dmytro Spilka of Business 2 Community