8 Tips For Driving Millennials To Your Website And Keeping Them There

Millennials are so valuable to businesses and getting more of them on your site can make a notable difference to your margins. But how do you do so? Well, here’s how.

1. Look for the most Popular Social Media Networks

As the trendy millennials you hope engage begin to popularize a particularly new social media site, it would be most advantageous if you were there with your marketing strategy. This will make you “one of the first” and this is always a prestigious position and it allows you to engage the millennial audience before anyone else has a chance to set up shop.

Be sure to consistently be searching for new social media networks or media blogs to present yourself. Never hesitate to familiarize yourself with the features of a new site.Here are some great quick wins that can help drive traffic through social media and other means.

2. Produce Quality Content

If there is one thing millennials hate it is being advertised to. Instead of producing wave upon wave of ad campaigns, consider presenting your brand with quality content. Content that is providing them with relevant information or something they can act on is ideal suggests Tommy McDonald of Serplogic. If you reach your demographic on this level they will understand you understand them, this makes you an authority everywhere you go.

3. Ensure Honesty in Content and Community

Millennials will certainly appreciate getting top value for their cash, but they are not likely to be impressed with cheap gimmicks, free trial periods or the heated sales pitch. It is quality content and community building that is the point of focus, this means making an open public image of what we do and how we do it.

We must think of the future and reach remote consultants and important partners who will see that our revenues are primarily used to improve the product or service provided.

4. Keep it Simple and Community Conscious

As a millennial led company, we are often asked how it is that we are so successful in captivating the hearts and custom of our millennial demographic. I always say: make social impact a part of your marketing campaign. Millennials love companies that are giving back to the community, and enthusiastically get involved in the efforts. Just make doubly sure this is not a strenuous effort.

5. Remember to Make Things Convenient

Having been raised on entertainment at their fingertips, Millennials like the idea of ultimate convenience in their products. Major success stories from Airbnb, uber and Dropbox prove that when it comes to attracting millennials, convenience will win out consistently over break through technologies. We must actively improve user experience, streamline interfaces and make sure the entire process is well oiled and enjoyable.

6. Empower Personal Expression

Unique perspectives and striking individuality are features that millennials tend to gravitate toward. They want to be seen as separate from the crowd so they should be provided with the options to personalize their experience as much as possible. The feeling of control is also highly valued.

7. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

If you lack a mobile front open your marketing campaigns you will be heading into the wastelands on a horse with no name. Millennials are quite attached to their mobile devices (at the hip) and refer to them for all their social, informational and even consumer needs. Look at the reasons to go mobile.

8. Bring Value to the Table

Millennials want value for their purchase, this may not always mean quality for bargain prices. Apple sales have increased considerably in the 2000’s. Value could be by association, they want to know they are exclusive and will readily rally in droves behind an underdog brand or banner.

Article Written By: Cormac Reynolds