A Global Brand Goes Local With Event Marketing

Back in July of last year I shared with you 6 Tips For Holding A Successful Marketing Event. The tips including starting with an effective event page, utilizing social media and others. More and more brands are taking full advantage of event marketing for a variety of reasons.

One global brand in particular is using event marketing in 2016 with a very distinct purpose in mind: to celebrate and pay homage to some of the biggest female names in entertainment, music and sports. The brand is CÎROC Vodka and in 2016 they are partnering with Variety and Women’s Wear Daily and inviting women to “brunch with a purpose” as a part of the Empowered Brunch Series.

The events will take place in major markets across the U.S., including New York, DC, LA, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Baltimore, Dallas and more.

Sari Brecher, Director of Culture & Partnerships at Diageo — which owns the brand says the brunch series was by the empowered women we work with everyday to take a moment to celebrate them and raise a glass to their achievements.

“The 2016 Women of Empowerment represent the modern dreamers and originals — the women across the country who are helping to frame the future for females everywhere. We toast to these doers who make a difference, big and small, with gratitude, appreciation and celebration.”

Dia Simms, President of Combs Wines & Spirits (owned by rapper turned business mogul Sean Combs) which oversees the marketing of the CÎROC brand, says the brunch series is important to the CÎROC brand because it represents the modern dreamers and originals; the women we admire and work with each day embody this vision.

Brand Partnerships

Simms says partnerships like these help grow an idea into a successful reality and that is the lens they take to identifying partner opportunities with other brands, media houses, festivals, etc. “Our partners must uphold the same values and aspirations that the brand has built its success upon.”

Brooke Turpin, Vice President of Global Consumer & Strategic Partnerships at Variety says she is thrilled to work with brands who find value in event marketing. “The right event, especially one crafted to a specific community such as the Variety/WWD audience, provides CÎROC a unique opportunity for an intimate experience with our hard-to-reach affluent, elite consumer. And that’s priceless.”

As for advice for other brands when it comes to partnering, Simms says it’s important to be authentic and for partners to do the same. “I would encourage other brands in the same situation to stay true to who they are in order to speak with an authentic voice to which consumers can relate. And it’s mission critical to ensure that their partners are genuine and do the same.”

Article Written By: Steve Olenski