Amazon Envisions a New Tech Hub as It Expands Its Detroit Presence

Amazon plans to expand its Detroit office, adding more full-time jobs in hopes of creating a technology hub.

The vice president for Amazon Marketplace, Peter Faricy, said on Monday that the company was focused on hiring residents of Michigan, which he described in a statement as a rapidly growing technology corridor. Amazon already has hundreds of employees in the state.

Amazon, based in Seattle, leases space on one floor in an office tower in downtown Detroit, where employees work on software development, engineering and advertising sales. Mr. Faricy and other officials at a news conference did not give specifics about how many more workers would be hired, but they said the expansion would give Amazon room for more employees in technology, including software developers and engineers.

Erik Fairleigh, an Amazon spokesman, said the company was attracted to Detroit partly because of the hiring potential. “We found so much great talent because of local universities that we decided to expand the office,” he said.

The news of Amazon’s plans will most likely be welcome in Detroit as it tries to overcome financial struggles and auto-industry woes. In 2013, it became the largest city in the United States to declare bankruptcy.

Another large company, the Lear Corporation, a global supplier of car seating and vehicle interiors, said on Monday that it had bought a historic building in downtown Detroit that it planned to turn into a design center for automotive innovation.

Other tech companies have a presence in Detroit. Twitter opened an office there in 2012, and Google has offices there.

“When you have a company like Amazon making a commitment to the city of Detroit, it is a very positive thing,” said John Roach, a spokesman for Mike Duggan, the city’s mayor. “We are seeing a lot more of the tech industry coming into the city.”

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