Blue Jays To Announce New Brand Campaign for 2017 Season


With Spring Training well underway, baseball fans are paying very close attention to the players they will be cheering for this Summer. With a little more than three weeks to go until the start of the regular season, the Blue Jays organization will introduce a new rally cry for Blue Jays fans to get behind for the 2017 season.

A press release from the Blue Jays Vice President of Fan Engagement shared the following information with Jays From The Couch –

“Beginning early next week, we will be rolling out a campaign aimed at rallying our fans from coast-to-coast around Canada’s Team. The campaign hashtag this year is #LetsRise. Over the next few weeks, fans will begin to see this creative across this city, on social and on TV.”

#LetsRise will be the new hashtag/slogan for this year’s Blue Jays season for fans to use on Twitter, Instagram, or whatever social media platform you may use. The #LetsRise campaign looks to unite Blue Jays fans from coast to coast, the explanation for #LetsRise should make Blue Jays fan especially prideful in their team.

“To rise (verb) Move upward; momentum of a group; meet a challenge; work together#LetsRise is a call-to-action that speaks to the passion and determination of our fans and players. Whether it’s through the lyrics of our national anthem, the Canada 150 celebrations, or the way an entire country has rallied behind one team, #LetsRise demonstrates the collective pride shared by our fans, our city, and our country.”

You probably remember from seasons past, the Blue Jays used the campaign hashtag “Come TOgether” which was seen mainly at the end of Tweets from the Blue Jays Twitter account, and during TV commercials on Sportsnet. The slogan was famously seen in the commercials after the 2015 trade deadline that brought Troy Tulowitzki and David Price to the Blue Jays for their stretch run into the playoffs. Those commercials featured the song ‘Hooked on a Feeling’ by Blue Suede playing in the background, that commercial was successful enough with fans that ‘Hooked on a Feeling’ has been a staple heard at Blue Jays games ever since.

I don’t know about you, but I get really excited for these commercials. A mix of baseball highlights, skyline shots of Toronto, and a catchy song usually gives me goosebumps. The inner fan in me loves these brand campaigns, they get me thinking about the upcoming baseball season, going down to games at the Rogers Centre, and interacting with Blue Jays fans on Twitter. #LetsRise seems to have a great meaning behind it for Canadian fans, lets’ hope the commercials we see next week are as impactful as some of the ones seen in previous seasons.

Article Written by Spencer Redmond of Jays From the Couch