BrandFIT Inc. Introduces Customer Journey Mapping Service for Success in Digital Marketing

TORONTO, June 5, 2018 – BrandFIT increases its product offering and has introduced a customer journey mapping service to help businesses attract and retain loyal customers.

Customer journey mapping is the visual representation of every experience your consumers have with your business. In an increased digital environment, businesses must tap into consumer’s mindset and gain insight into consumer pain points to be successful. This will enable businesses to modify their practices and improve customer experience, and increase customer loyalty.

“Customer journey mapping will help businesses focus on customer needs at the different chronological stages in the buying funnel” says Maher Jaber, CEO, BrandFIT. “In today’s digital environment, consumers interact with businesses at many touchpoints. These touchpoints determine the experience potential consumers have with your brand. Understanding the consumer journey will help you determine the gaps between what the customer wants and what they are receiving, enabling you to make necessary modifications to improve the overall customer experience, and subsequently their loyalty.”

To develop an efficient and accurate customer map, businesses must include every instance where consumers encounter your brand, this includes physical and quantitative components, such as advertisements, brochures, product packaging, employees, website analytics, call center statistics, etc.

While it may be impossible to include every customer nuance, the journey map will uncover areas where improvements are necessary, and if your brand promise is being adhered to.

“Today’s consumers are moving towards online commerce, and there is no lack of competition, no matter what industry you belong to” says Maher. “Grasping the customer journey will give your business competitive advantage, as most consumers rely on online reviews and social media platforms when evaluating a purchase. BrandFIT has the know-how to help businesses conceive, design, integrate and manage their unique customer journey map, and ensuring customers have a positive experience with your brand”.

report by McKinsey and Company states: The number of digital touchpoints is increasing by 20 percent annually as more offline consumers shift to digital tools and younger, digitally oriented consumers enter the ranks of buyers.

With more companies leveraging influencers and increasing their social media marketing efforts on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, etc., there are more customer touchpoints, and understanding those interactions and how they are affecting businesses is essential for future success.

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About BrandFIT:

Founded in 2015, BrandFIT Inc. is an online open marketplace platform that allows advertisers to reach their target audience by locating and hiring social media influencers that have the same following to execute digital campaigns. BrandFIT currently has over 30,000 influencers in its database, reaching more than one billion consumers worldwide. BrandFIT platform offers clients control over message delivery, provides extensive post campaign data, and has detailed information on the influencers, allowing brands to connect with influencers that best meet their needs, regionally and internationally.

The influencers are all trusted, reputable and experienced in delivering messages that resonates with their followers and promotes the brand.

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