BrandFIT Inc.: What we Do

What do we do?

Our mission is to bring the human element back into online marketing. Our advertising platform offers companies a way to connect with social media influencers in order to effectively share their brand’s story and create organic buzz.

Ever heard of Influencer Marketing? It’s becoming very big within the industry of marketing.

(Read this article that states that Marketers are now embracing influencer marketing, since it is a uprising trend)

Well, influencer marketing is exactly what we do. Essentially, we connect big brands to social media influencers. The power of mouth is powerful in today’s society. And old-fashioned advertising – it’s getting repetitive.

One powerful thing about BrandFIT Inc. is that there is absolutely no selling out. Our influencer partners get to pick exactly which Brand/Product that they enjoy and give a truthful review within their specialized social media platform.

Where does BrandFIT Inc. come in? 
Well, we’re the bridge between the influencers and Brands. We give the list of Brands to our Influencers and see which Brands/products they wish to represent.

Why Social Media? 
Social media stars are taking the spotlight when it comes to brand pitching. Social media is often accessed using an individual’s convenient electronic devices. Therefore, it is always “squeezed” into their everyday lifestyle.

BrandFIT Inc. is a branding marketing company that benefits all stakeholder’s of this business. Influencer Marketing is on a rise for various reasons – including an enhanced target market.

Influencers can keep doing what they love as a career, grow their network and stay on top. Meanwhile, major brands get to promote their newly launched products to a suited and specific target audience.

Simply put, that’s what BrandFIT Inc. does for you.