Chevy Encourages Positive Outlook Via ‘Fueling Possibilities’

Chevrolet is launching a global marketing campaign that encourages consumers to have a positive outlook on life.

“Fueling Possibilities” includes a tool using the IBM Watson platform that helps guide users toward activities for their next adventure. Commonwealth//McCann and The Martin Agency helped develop the concept in conjunction with Chevrolet.

The Chevrolet Global Positivity System is a mobile and desktop Web site that evaluates users’ social media presence to gauge their positive impact.The Chevy Global Positivity System is available in eight languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Portuguese and French Canadian.

“We will continue to support the program throughout the year in other markets around the world,” said Karen Toor, global content marketing manager for Chevrolet. “A big component to the campaign includes the installation of fuel stations that utilize the Fueling Possibilities application.”

Using the platform, special fuel stations were created by Chevy in Calgary, Cape Town, New Orleans, and Buenos Aires that accepted positive social mentions as currency for fuel. In a few instances, the automaker met some of the fuel station patrons and turned their Watson-recommended experiences into a once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

The global integrated campaign includes paid digital, owned and earned media. Through paid digital media, Chevy is using targeted Facebook custom videos based on edited content from the campaign. The brand is running a promoted trend on Twitter across multiple global markets.

Chevrolet sought to create a tool that could provide the most accurate snapshot of a user’s social sentiment. In working with IBM to incorporate Watson’s functionality — a first for the automaker — Chevy found what it calls the perfect solution to meet its goals.

Using IBM’s Watson Personality Insights and AlchemyLanguage APIs, Chevy’s Global Positivity System is able to build a detailed personality snapshot for users that is based on multiple criteria, including a social media analysis to evaluate sentiment and a personality characteristic evaluation to help guide users toward activities for their next adventure.

The output also includes a score based on Watson Sentiment Analysis capability, which provides an interpretation of the positivity of users’ Facebook and Twitter posts. Users can then share their score with each other via social media and compare it to the average of the Global Positivity System community. The platform will also identify each person’s most positive and least positive posts, as well as their most frequently used positive words and Emojis.

In addition to a positivity score and sentiment analysis, the snapshot highlights users’ top three personality traits identified by Watson Personality Insights, such as excitement and self-expression. The site then encourages users to Find New Roads that may appeal to their traits, such as touring a museum or taking on a new hobby.

“We believe that the journey of finding new roads starts with a little positivity, so we wanted to go out into the world and prove it,” Toor says. “Setting up real pumps in existing gas stations allowed us to not only measure and reward online positivity, but to capture where the fuel they earned would take them.”

Article written by  of Media Post.