Citipeak Events: Brands must focus on relationship-building, not selling

Looking to increase your customer base? London’s leading event marketing and sales firm, Citipeak Events urges companies to focus on building relationships with customers when looking to increase the number of sales

In today’s market, the customer does not like to feel that they are being sold something; they don’t mind getting expert help when they want to buy something, but most of the time they are not ready to buy. As a result consumers don’t like to feel that they are being pressured into buying something that they don’t feel ready for. Citipeak Events states that sales and marketing teams must understand this, and that there is a far better way to sell – to build relationships with customers.

Relationship building is essential to the success of a business and also to the success of the salesperson’s career. Today’s market is so competitive with many different brands all competing for the same customer groups; therefore, building consumer-brand relationships will help a company attract, acquire and keep customers indefinitely. This is ultimately the different between the success and failure of the business.

When building a relationship with a customer it is important to start by learning something about them by asking a few questions, relying on knowledge gained from previous similar customers. Next, it is important to add some value to their situation, typically by bringing them some new insights. And then try and get them to ask some questions about things that would help their situation. The relationship is beginning to form and the salesperson will be able to offer them a solution (and make a sale!).

Article Written By: Journalism UK