Digital Marketing and Events

Let’s face it – hosting an event can be quite hit or miss. You can never be 100% sure how many people are going to turn up, whether everyone is going to enjoy themselves and most importantly whether or not the event is going to be a success and pave the way for future opportunities.

On Thursday 19th May Climb Online hosted its first ever event, ‘Do Digital Differently’, at London’s prestigious Brand Exchange, and fortunately we were delighted to see many faces old and new as we talked about the importance of digital marketing for business growth.

However, like every good event, the Climb Online team worked for weeks in advance calling on our expertise in digital marketing to ensure a good turnout – with the following pointers key for success:

Social media

Facebook advertising: For very little financial output, Facebook advertising provides an excellent Return on Investment (ROI), enabling you to target and reach many more potential guests than just relying on your day to day followers to spread the word.

It is also important to note that according to statistics one tweet has a lifespan of approximately 18 minutes, which means running a low cost social media campaign will reach further and last a lot longer!

Hashtag: Developing your own recognizable hashtag in all pre-event promotional activity will increase guest engagement prior to and during the event, whilst providing a searchable term for you to measure the event’s success through guests’ comments and feedback.

Email Marketing

There is a fine line between creating a successful and engaging email marketing campaign to just filling someone’s inbox with junk. Evidently they both have very different outcomes.

Creating a strategic email marketing campaign that uses video and innovative design to really engage your guests during the build up to your event will guarantee names on the guest list, whilst providing you with a whole new list of potential customers to engage with during and afterwards.


Remember content is still very much King, which means you need to engage with a relevant industry sector platform or blog to help you spread the word through useful and relevant content, which perhaps provides insight into what your guests could learn or gain from attending – not forgetting the use of your own company blog!

Article Written By: Mark Wright of Business Matters