Dropbox Just Changed The Way You Manage Your Files And Cloud Storage

Dropbox users can decide when to keep files in the cloud, and when they need to be downloaded.

Dropbox is hoping to change the cloud storage game with their newly announced solution called Project Infinite. The problem Dropbox wants to solve is how professionals manage their files in the cloud and on their local hard drives.

Project Infinite‘s goal is to “reimagine how people find, access, and collaborate with large amounts of data by providing hassle-free, yet secure access to all Dropbox files possessed by a company without users having to worry about hard drive space or whether it’s stored locally or in the cloud.”

Essentially, Dropbox users can decide when to keep files in the cloud, and when they need to be downloaded, and magically, the Infinite Drive keeps everything organized and manageable from your computer’s desktop finder or explore tab.

These are the three fundamental advantages of Dropbox’s Project Infinite you should walk away with if your company is need of an updated way of sharing and accessing data:

  • Quick scans: Any file you have access to will appear in Windows File Explorer and Mac OSX Finder for fast and easy browsing. File size as well as creation and modification dates will be viewable through the desktop file system without having to incur downloading time.
  • Heightened accessibility: Cloud files can be organized by simply dragging and dropping from the desktop. Further, just like on the desktop, any cloud file that is double-clicked will open and send a signal to Dropbox to synch and open the file.
  • All platforms are welcome: Project Infinite is compatible with Windows 7 or later versions, and Mac OSX 10.9 and higher.

Article Written By: Erica Perry of Social Media Week