Facebook’s Mobile Ad Revenue Reaches $13 Billion And Shows No Signs Of Stopping

In just three years, Facebook went from nearly $0 to $13.2 billion in mobile ad revenue.

In Q2 of of 2012, 3% of Facebook’s total revenue came from mobile. Last quarter, Q4 of 2015, mobile accounted for 80% of their total revenue. That’s quite the increase in a short amount of time. It wasn’t long ago that people criticized Facebook for a lackluster mobile experience, where concerns grew louder and louder around the company’s vision.

Clearly, Zuckerberg knew exactly what he was doing, and now, they have the dollars to prove it.

Facebook is officially a mobile juggernaut, extending well beyond its standalone app too. They own WhatsApp, they own Instagram, they own Messenger. They’re thinking big picture with investments in 360-degree video, artificial intelligence (Facebook M), virtual reality (Oculus), and Internet.org.

It will be exciting to see how Zuckerberg and his teams plan to monetize Messenger and other Facebook owned products. We’re already seeing an increase in ads in our Instagram feeds, and it might not be long before that $13.2 billion number gets even higher.

Article Written By: Erica Perry