Google Introduces Podcast Playlists Based On Your Mood, Interests, And Activities

The new feature is “similar to our contextual playlists for music”

Have you ever wished for a podcast service that recommends episodes and shows based on your activity, mood, interests, and even the weather or time of day? Google thinks you may have, and they’re bringing that technology to Google Play Music.

On Google’s Android blog, they announced the new feature as “similar to our contextual playlists for music, we want to make it easy to find the right podcast. Whether you’re a podcast aficionado or listening for the first time.”

If you use Google Play Music, or previously used Songza (acquired by Google last year), you’re likely familiar with the format of recommendations and playlists based on a variety of personalized factors.

And if you’re a podcast creator, Google Play invites you to visit the podcast portal to learn about publishing your content to be available for its users to discover.

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Article Written By: Erica Perry