How BrandFIT Inc. Excels in Influencer Marketing (Tips to excel)




Think beyond Demographics: Don’t simply focus on the demographics of category of your audience like: Mom bloggers or tech bloggers. Seek Influencers specifically based on their unique interests and passions; based on these two factors, ask yourself: How could they utilize these effectively to help the campaign that you’re planning to launch?


Understand their community: Every influencer is only influential because they have built an audience. Understanding their community will help serve their audience in a targeted manner and create a meaningful campaign that will help you win. Every influencer has a different community that is fond with the influencer’s current methods. Therefore, give the Influencer freedom of creative expression.


De-emphasize primary reach: Influencer marketing stems from building quality relationships with select people. Therefore, don’t solely focus on the primary reach of your advertising and attempt to reach the secondary audience. The secondary audience will help grab the attention of potential long-term customers!

Play the long game: The value of influencer relationships doesn’t happen overnight, it requires time and effort. Make sure that you’re investing in earning the trust of your influencer/their audience and sustaining connections for the long term.

Tailor your strategy: The beauty of Influencer Marketing is the freedom of creative expression and how it’s not set in stone. You need to ensure that the approach is customized, based on the influencer and their audience.

Fundamentally Human: Influencers are not advertising machines. They are human that have a special talent in capturing the attention of their audience. Treat them well and emphasize their very own unique passions, interests and talents.


Provide High Value: Ensure that your company enriches the work of your influencer to make the campaign stand out even more.

Executing Influencer Marketing is not an easy task – but BrandFIT knows how to do it right.
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