How BrandFIT Inc. Finds The Right Social Influencers For Your Brand

How to Find the Right Social Influencers for Your Brand

As mentioned in my previous articles, influencers are a great resource to market your product. With the uprise of social media, companies have discovered a new way to advocate their products to the right audience. All these influencers specialize in niche-based content such as food, fashion, food or entertainment. As a result, a brand can segment their audience even further to reach specific consumer segments like parents of teens, pet lovers, organic cooks etc… However, with the millions of potential influencers out there it’s extremely important that the company select their influencer(s) wisely.

What should a company consider when establishing a partnership with an influencer?
1) Social Following
2 Engagement
3) Quality of Content.

1) Social Following: An influencer with a large following will definitely be a helpful factor. Choosing an influencer that has a large following will ensure that your message/campaign for your brand is actually being seen. Although this is not the most important metric, the number of reach is certainly an important factor.

Resist the urge to solely view new and unique visitors as meaningful. A large amount of followers are only significant if the influencer is successfully reaching your brand’s target audience and encouraging engagement, which brings us to the next factor …

2) Engagement: A large number of social following could possibly mean nothingwithout engagement. Before selecting your influencer, make sure that their social community is actively engaging with them! (Such as retweets, or replies on Twitter)  If activity is low, it is likely that your brand’s campaign will deflate quickly.

3) Quality of Content: Always keep in mind that your influencer will represent your brand. Therefore, choosing an influencer that has the ability to create excellent content is an essential.

An influencer that can produce compelling and engaging campaigns will ultimately get more shares, comments, and engagement! It’s simple to view the influencer’s work on social media to visualize how they would create the quality and authentic content that their audience expects them to create, while associating your brand with that content.

BrandFIT Inc. is a marketing and advertising company that will match and suggest the best influencers to advocate your brand/product! We like to consider the mentioned factors above for your campaign to reach full potential! Learn more about us at

What’s the top quality that you look for in an influencer? 

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