How BrandFIT Inc. Humanizes Your Brand

“Tailoring experiences is not a nice-to-have item. It’s a must-have in today’s customer-centric society.” In today’s cut-throat business world, you need to consistently make sure that you’re up to date with the latest trends.

In modern day marketing, consumers enjoy a tailored experience with a company that has a human element. The last thing you want to be labelled as is a cut-and-dried entity. To entirely avoid this, ensure that you add the right amount of humour and humanness implemented into your company’s image! Marketer’s claim that letting go of perfection, and being imperfect (like a human) can make you more appealing as a brand!

How could I humanize my brand? Through Social Media or brand advocates– obviously! Today, 97% of marketers participate in social media. But never post recklessly: Plan out and discuss the content that the representative and team are planning to post. Make sure that the voice is consistent – this applies to brand advocates as well!

Why? Statistics show that having a social media account to market your business/personal brand increases brand recognition, brand loyalty, more opportunities to convert and higher conversion rates.

Nearly every brand wants to prove that they have a human side. This is because a brand wants to ensure to their target audience that they share the similar traits that a human would: Compassion, care and owning a voice.

As seen above, Target owns up to their mistakes, admits their faults and reassures them like a humble and professional human being. This will allow new consumers to trust you and view you in a professional light.

However, owning a social media account is not easy work. With great things, comes great responsibilities – meaning that you have to deal with providing customer service, including owning to your mistakes publicly and being open to debate.

View it this way: Your customers are human, your partners are human, and youremployees are human. Even your social media fans and followers are human. Sending a message through a typical advertisement in a robotic voice will not help you attract the attention that you want.  You want to spread the message in a personalized way through the power of mouth.

Do not get caught solely in the operational and transactional relationships of the company.
Individuals conduct business with companies that they trust. As consumers ourselves, we know how difficult it could be to trust a brand.
However, to gain trust – you need to remind your potential consumers that there are real life humans working behind operations. As you humanize your brand, they will slowly begin to trust you. Avoid the ‘cold, corporate, and faceless’ image for your company and just humanize your brand. And the best part is that it’s okay to be imperfect!

Why you want to humanize your brand: To harvest more personal feelings and attachment from your leads and customers. In this age, businesses are expected to accurately depict their target audience, develop personas, and maintain a social media presence and to provide genuine help to their leads and customers.

How does this relate to BrandFIT Inc? Our mission at BrandFIT Inc. is to bring the human element back in marketing. We believe in humanizing business relations and to establish trust between consumers and brands through social media.

BrandFIT Inc. doesn’t believe in old fashioned advertising in the newspaper anymore – there’s absolutely no personal connection and we believe that marketing with the aspect of human trust is much more effective.!

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