How Landing Pages, Ad Campaigns, and Marketing Interact in Business

Your marketing strategy’s success hinges on your ability to synergize multiple marketing channels.

Successful modern marketing hinges on the ability to craft impactful advertising campaigns that convert leads into customers, and there are countless tools available for accomplishing this. Three of the biggest contributors to your marketing success will invariably be your marketing automation platform, ad campaign, and landing pages. When you get these three facets of your marketing efforts working in sync with one another, the results can be astounding.

Automation Done Right


Digital marketing automation done right

Automating some of your basic marketing tasks is a great way to trim time spent on mundane activities when you could be growing your business. However, automation is not a one-size-fits-all marketing solution, nor is it infallible. Additionally, never let your marketing automation replace opportunities to make personal connections to customers.

Don’t Set it and Forget it

Keep constant tabs on your automated processes to make sure they’re accurately reflecting your brand. While it’s true that automation allows you to schedule content publishing, social media posts, email correspondence, ad updates, and much more, this does not mean you won’t need to touch these aspects of your business. Complacency is the easiest way to lose control of your automation, and you don’t want to wind up wasting time with damage control when you could be forging bonds with your customers.

Ad Campaigns

Ads are going to be your primary means of drawing attention to your brand. Thanks to the seemingly constant stream of marketing from all directions all the time, most modern customers have grown accustomed to tuning out or ignoring advertisements automatically. If you want your ads to stand out and actually generate conversions, they need to appear as more than just ads.


Digital marketing advertising campaigns

Precision Targeting

When you take the time to fully develop your customer profiles and get to know your ideal consumers, reaching them will be much easier. Your ads should be targeted to very specific behaviors or needs, and when a customer clicks an ad, they need to immediately recognize they have come to the right place. This is where your landing pages are crucial.

Why are Landing Pages so Vital?

As the name suggests, a landing page is where your potential customers “land” after clicking an ad or performing a specific action. Landing pages must clearly convey to the customer that they have come to the right place. Additionally, they need to be easily recognizable as part of your brand. Consistency among all your various marketing channels is crucial for building brand awareness and recognition. Make sure your landing pages accurately represent your brand and are specifically tailored to the calls to action that lead users to them.

Ultimately, your marketing strategy needs to be interconnected and thoughtfully curated. Make sure your potential customers know how to find you and see the value in engaging with your brand. Marketing automation can relieve a lot of the stress of mundane marketing activities, but you’re going to have to touch various aspects of your marketing strategy to get everything working cohesively.

 Article Written by Jaime Nacach of Business 2 Community