How to Be More Consistent On Social Media

You’ve heard the annoying, overused catch phrase, go big or go home, right?

Annoying and overused as it is, there’s some good advice in there. When entrepreneurs do social media marketing, too often, they do it reactively and … well, frankly — badly.

“I have a promotion! Let me hurry up and Tweet it!… Ahhh, done. Tweeted.” Now all you have to do is update your Facebook status with how productive you were today, right?


The thing about social media is that you can’t do it only when you need something. You can’t just Tweet when you need to drive traffic to a promotion or sales page, you have to consistently work to build a relationship with your followers over a period of time. And that means … yes, brace yourself for the most boring word in the English language: Consistency.

Yeah, consistency sucks. Entrepreneurs are talented, creative people. The last thing we want to be is consistent. Consistency is doing the same thing over and over and over and it’s boring! For many of us (like me), it’s a fate worse than death.

But here’s the problem: You must be consistent to successfully grow a business. You can’t build a business and the standard, social media following that comes with it without some of that yucky, boring consistency stuff.

So how do you be consistent without losing your marbles?

You start by recognizing that the consistency (or lack of it) is going to make or break your social media following. Once you’re in agreement with that, you’re set to make it happen.

Here’s how to be more consistent on Social Media:

1. Decide How You Uniquely Add Value Via Social Media

What do you provide that makes your social media followers follow you? What is special about your social media content that would make the same people who would want to buy your products or services, also want to follow you on social media?

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help narrow down what that might be:

  • Do you provide a unique perspective on your industry that your followers are interested in?

  • Do you provide education or training on a topic your followers are interested in?

  • Do you take a lot of different information, and cull it down to just what your followers want to see?

  • Do you give your followers timely updates on information they need, but may not have gotten otherwise?

It could be any of those, it could be something else, or even a combination of different ones.

Understanding the unique value you provide helps you be consistent because it gives you some clear guidelines on what you should be posting. It helps you identify and narrow-down content or updates to share on your social media channels.

2. Automate the Boring Parts  

Now that you know the unique value that you provide to your audience, you can focus your efforts on providing that valuable information or perspective. That’s not the boring part; that’s the fun part! You have a passion for whatever your business is about and that is what drives you to get up every day and do all you have to do to keep your business running successfully.

The part that’s boring you is the monotonous stuff. You are bored by the scheduling, the tagging and the stuff that isn’t connected to your real passion of providing the information or perspective to the audience of people who are also interested in your product or service.

Leverage social media automation tools to do the boring stuff. Leverage available tools to build targeted Twitter following, schedule posts and handle the monotonous stuff so that when you share the information or perspective you are so passionate about, you have a following that’s ready and excited to hear what you have to say.

You’ll slowly and consistently build their trust and appreciation, which over time, earns you the right to send them to that special offer to buy your products or services.

So, now you know how to leverage consistence and social media tools to grow your business and revenue.

By: Jeff Steinmann