How to Build Your Own Personal Brand on Social Media the Right Way

Whether or not you’re aware, you are living your own personal brand. Each and every day you are adjusting, shaping and molding your own brand to other people.

What is a personal brand? It’s how you sell yourself and how others perceive you to be. Social media is the physical layout of our personal brand and it must be tampered with carefully to ensure that your personal brand is not tarnished.

Social media is seen as beneficial because it provides a platform to broadcast and share our personal thoughts to accomplish our goals. For instance, LinkedIn allows us to share our experiences for professional purposes: Ultimately establishing our personal brand with others in our industry. For Facebook, we share for friends and family. Pinterest is where we reveal our passions and hobbies. Instagram is visual self-expression and creativity. Regardless of the platform utilized, we are constantly selling ourselves and altering the perception of how others could view us.

Your personal brand is the totality of all your actions. One action/thing will not make up your whole brand: It’s all of you including your:

1) Promise
2) Purpose
3) Perception

Promise: A brand is merely a promise of what you deliver to the people in your life, in both a professional and personal way. What you offer as an individual makes up your personal brand, so ensure that you stick to your promises (Along the way, you will be viewed as reliable and trustworthy) and your personal brand will positively establish itself.

Perception: Always keep in your mind how others would perceive you. A brand is a bunch of perceptions of what people think of you and feel about you.
Attempt to control others’ perception of you and manage your own personal brand.

Personal: It’s all about you and no one else. Make sure that your personal brand is what you want it to be and make sure it’s about getting what you want out of life.

To conclude, make sure that you have a clear standing of your promise, purpose and perception – and you will eventually have a well established personal brand!

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