Impressions versus Engagement

Many individuals do not understand the difference between impressions and engagement. To directly define ‘impression’: “An idea, feeling or opinion about something or someone, especially one formed without conscious thought or on the basis of little evidence.”  On the other hand, engagement is defined as “occupation, to attract or involve someone’s interest or attention or to establish a meaningful contact or connection with”. Already recognizing the difference?

In terms of social media, a reply to a tweet or a comment on a Facebook post would be considered engagement. Either way, getting their engagement in a positive way is ideal. Don’t get me wrong, high impression numbers are still great because it is what moves people to action. However, engagement is the action.

Majority of marketers would find a good brand advocate much more valuable than a large amount of followers.  From a Marketer’s point of view, ‘impression’ numbers are not important analytic statistics.  That’s exactly why BrandFIT Inc. decided to step in! We aim high by influencing consumers, and avoids the subtle impact of an impression. We understand that Social Media celebrities have a great influence on a targeted audience that a brand wishes to acquire. If you’re still not sure what BrandFIT Inc. does, read all about us here:

It’s what we always say: “Share your story with the right people”.

Although value propositions of businesses vary, the ultimate goal of every business is the same: To maximize their value.  Engagement/Influencer Marketing is all about connecting with your consumers using the human element and powerful word of mouth.

Simply speaking, any company could easily claim that their product is ‘amazing’ – but to have an Influencer approve it directly to your target audience within your niche market:

Now that’s a win. 

BrandFIT Inc. is the key to changing your impressions to engagement.
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