Max Media Lab launches influencer-led summer social campaign for Topshop

The #topshopbringstheparty campaign features social media influencers Zoe Cross, Pepa Mack, Yan Yan Chan and Sammy Robinson in Topshop’s ‘pretty,’ ‘rock’, ‘urban’ and ‘beach’ wear.

Top Shop Campaign

The campaign includes short videos of the lifestyle each social media influencer leads associated with the shop’s particular trend.

Developed and produced in partnership with Max Media Lab, Topshop used existing relationships with influencers and stylists to hire talent for the campaign.

Lucy Quartermaine, Topshop’s marketing coordinator, told Mumbrella: “This is the first local campaign of this calibre that we’ve done, and we are super happy with it.”

The integrated campaign will focus mainly on social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, and will also include Facebook Canvas advertising and product retargeting.

Zoe Cross Topshop campaign

Zoe Cross is one of four social media influencers used in Topshop’s latest campaign.

The products worn in the video will also feature in windows displays throughout Australian stores, with the possibility of a meet and greet with some of the influencers.


Article Written by Zoe Samios of Mumbrella