Men Are Posting About Olympics Brands in Social Media Twice as Often as Women

Bringing buzz to Samsung and Coke

Men are also mentioning McDonald’s and Omega.

rinklr is keeping an eye on a few things around social media and the Olympics for our coverage in the next couple of weeks. Today their research reveals how the Summer Games’ official sponsors from Aug. 2 through Aug. 8 fared across Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google+, etc., studying hashtags, keywords and social handles for activity.

It’s perhaps most interesting how brand mentions are being distributed by gender, with a big discrepancy between men and women. Stats weren’t available about how positive the sentiment was from the dudes.

It’s pretty clear the events in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, are generating a decent amount of buzz for sponsors, from Dow and Samsung to Coca-Cola and Proctor & Gamble.

On Twitter, specifically, Samsung, Coke and McDonald’s are faring best.

At the same time, Omega and Visa have had hashtags leave their mark.

Lastly, Sprinklr gives us a look at how Olympics buzz is playing out nation by nation, with the USA in the lead by evidently a large margin.



Article written by Christopher Heine.