Microsoft brings graphic design to your fingertips with Sprightly

Sprightly is a nifty little application for owners of small businesses or social media managers. The application allows you to use photos in your gallery, and quickly churn out fliers, greeting cards, catalogs, price lists or coupons. The interface is very streamlined, and it is possible to quickly create any of these kinds of content in four to six steps.

The application is designed to allow owners of small and micro sized businesses to create professional looking social content, without having to hire a graphic designer. The application features a number of templates with the contemporary flat styling. Only a smartphone is needed to create the content. There were a number of false starts before the team came up with a simple three-step solution to a real world problem. After one of the templates are picked, users can edit the text and customize the pictures. After that, the images generated can be shared via WhatsApp, Facebook, e-mail, other communication platforms, or saved to gallery, or printed directly from the phone.


The application was developed by a mobile-only team in Hyderabad working under Microsoft Garage program, an initiative that rapidly converts disruptive new ideas into finished products.

Microsoft Garage has been coming up with a number of free applications catering to small and micro businesses, including Kaizala and Connections. Other Microsoft Garage products include the productivity boosting Hub keyboard and Fetch! for identifying dog breeds.

Sprightly is available on Android and iOS.

Article Written By: Writer from Tech2