New App ‘Being’ Allows You To Experience Instagram Through The Eyes Of Another User

A new app called “Being” allows you to view Instagram as another user, even celebrities, athletes, and your closest friends. You can’t Like or Comment, but it uses Instagram’s API for some clever peeping.

A new app called Being (iOS) just launched in the App Store, and it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “put yourself in someone else’s shoes.”

‘Being’ allows users to scroll through Instagram as if they were another user, literally. You can use Instagram and view the exact feed that others see, even celebrities and high-profile individuals. You don’t even need an Instagram account.

Of course, you’re not able to interact on behalf of that user such as liking or commenting on posts, but you will see the same feed of images and videos as they would. Pretty neat!

“Being uses Instagram’s API to gather photos and follower information that are publicly shared as set by the user in their Settings. That being said, users will not be able to use Being to scroll as users whose accounts are set to “private.’” (via Re/Code).

Being App


Being App

Article Written By: Erica Perry