NFL boasts 19 owners among world’s wealthiest

There are 32 NFL teams, and 19 of their owners are billionaires. That’s billion with a “B,” friends. Forbes has compiled its list of the world’s richest people, and a fair chunk of familiar NFL names are there. (I’m not, and neither are you.)

The wealthiest NFL owner? Not a surprise: Paul Allen, owner of the Seahawks and a founder of Microsoft. Behind him: Stephen Ross (Dolphins), Stan Kroenke (Rams), Shahid Khan (Jaguars), and Jerry Jones (Cowboys).

Overall, there are 63 billionaires among Forbes’ wealthiest list who own 81 teams across 12 leagues and seven sports. The wealthiest sports team owner overall is the Los Angeles Clippers’ Steve Ballmer, whose worth of $23.5 billion ranks 26th in the world overall.

Not to bring class warfare into the sports realm—this isn’t election coverage, after all—but it’s worth keeping in mind that the heads of the teams asking you for five-figure personal seat licenses, four-figure season ticket packages, three-figure jersey costs, and two-figure beers are themselves sporting ten figures. That’s a primary reason why the sports world is seeing pushback against municipally funded stadiums: these men and women have indeed earned (or inherited) their money, but many cities are questioning why they’re not always willing to spend it.

Forbes’ wealthiest NFL owners, via PFT:

Paul Allen, Seahawks, $17.5 billion
Stephen Ross, Dolphins, $12 billion
Stan Kroenke, Rams, $7.7 billion
Shahid Khan, Jaguars, $5.9 billion
Jerry Jones, Cowboys, $5 billion
Robert Kraft, Patriots, $4.9 billion
Terry Pegula, Bills, $4 billion
Joan Tisch, Giants, $3.3 billion
Bob McNair, Texans, $3.3 billion
Steve Bisciotti, Ravens, $3 billion
Arthur Blank, Falcons, $2.6 billion
Jim Irsay, Colts, $2.3 billion
Jimmy Haslam, Browns, $2.3 billion
Tom Benson, Saints, $2.2 billion
Dan Snyder, Redskins, $2.2 billion
Denise York, 49ers, $1.9 billion
Jeff Lurie, Eagles, $1.8 billion
Dean Spanos, Chargers, $1.7 billion
Martha Ford, Lions, $1.3 billion

Article Written By: Jay Busbee