Reputation, Reputation, Reputation: Avoiding Influencer Mishaps

We’ve all heard that success in business and life often depends on location, location, location. When it comes to digital marketing and social media, success is heavily dependent on reputation, reputation, reputation.

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways for a company to leverage the reputation of an influencer in order to achieve a number of marketing goals, from brand awareness, increased customers and followers, trust, and so on.


A person in a position to affect others’ opinions. This could be journalists, academics, professional advisors, celebrities, brand advocates, or professional advisors.

The influence and power of a celebrity, for example, to back a brand is nothing new, but finding the right celebrity to match your brand’s vision, marketing intention and target audience is key. Influencer marketing agencies are just the solution. If we take the example of celebrities, you can see why using an influencer marketing agency may be to the success of your influencer campaign.

Sometimes celebrities, just like you and me, think their Twitter account is nothing more than a personal journal on their phone. It’s easy to forget that tens of millions of real life people will read a post in the digital world that sits in the palm of one’s hand. An influencer marketing agency is at the forefront of social media news and can steer you away from any potentially disastrous reputation blunders as a result of celeb connections.

It’s human behavior to reach out for support during challenging times. What we seem to have forgotten is that fans, followers, and customers on social media platforms are not going to be able to provide the sort of support truly necessary in such times. Take the case earlier this week, when rap legend 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy after a $5M lawsuit, despite his reputed $155M net worth only a couple months back. He posted the fallout on Instagram and Twitter, joking about his situation and his new smart car while standing in a non-descript basement garage. Positive or negative, this image does not hold up the “50 Cent” reputation we all know.


Perhaps you would not choose 50 Cent as your influencer to begin with, unless you are selling vitamin infused water. Taking a look back, the celebrity Twitter and social media mishaps are too many to count. From Paris Hilton’s public denial of ownership of a purse full of cocaine, only hours after tweeting a photo of the purse: “Love My New Chanel Purse I Got Today!”, to Jared Padelecki’s desperate outreach for love and support on Twitter, to Spike Lee who tweeted the address of George Zimmerman when he was acquitted for murder (which landed Lee in a lawsuit), tread lightly.

This article is not about judgment, ridicule or unrealistic expectations of certain influencers’ behavior over that of others’. The important takeaway is that if you plan to include influencer engagement as part of your marketing strategy, why not leave the heavy lifting to the professionals? An influencer marketing agency researches the background of thousands of influencers, analyzes potential successes of the influencers with your brand over others, factors in klout scores, creates a plan of attack, and manages relations throughout the campaign.

Pairing up with an influencer in any profession who could be a loose cannon is as detrimental to your business strategy as not utilizing influencer engagement, the hottest new marketing strategy in the marketplace.