Snapchat Is Selling Their Camera Glasses Through A Viral Marketing Campaign

Messaging app Snapchat is now selling its new camera-clad glasses Spectacles via viral marketing campaign, in which the company is updating its Snapbot locator page to show customer the location of the vending machines in which the glasses will be sold, only 24 hours before popping up in another spot. So far, the Snapbot has made appearances in Big Sur, the Rose Bowl Stadium, and Los Angeles.

An Unorthodox Way Of Selling The Camera Glasses

According to Digital Trends, Snapbot´s circular display allows users to virtually wear the glasses in three different colors. These eye-catching vending machines could be the only way to buy the camera glasses, at least in the first months in the market. Although this is not exactly the most orthodox way of selling a product, the company expects that this interactive style would catch customers to buy the Spectacle, which is expected to be a product that could solidify Snapchat´s position in the market.

As reported by Spectacle´s site, this product only work with Snapchat, shotting a 10-minutes video clips from an incredible wide 115-degree angle lens which is designed to capture a view similar to the perspective of the wearer, which could be an extraordinary innovation that would increase Snapchat´s popularity, in a moment in which many social media as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are cloning some of its features. The best news about the camera glasses is that one you shoot the video, the clips are automatically synced to the user´s Snapchat memories so it could be easily shared.

Snapchat Will Try To Succeed In A Product Where Google Failed

According to Twin Cities, the camera glasses cost $130, which is 10 times less than the previous product of its kind, which was the controversial Google Glass. This was one of the hi-tech company worst moments in its history, giving the fact that this was a product that it has to kill it since it didn’t achieve its goal. Giving this situation, Snapchat is getting into a market that Google couldn’t, but this time the messaging app is doing something that the search giant didn’t make: a good marketing campaign.

Article Written by Luis Fran of iTech Post