Social Media And Games: The Changing Face Of The Hiring Process

Companies have long looked at resumes and interviews as simply the way things are done, but new technologies are changing this line of thinking in new and exciting ways. Most of the emphasis of this new way to hire is being placed on social media and games. The idea may be unusual, but companies that have employed these technologies to weed out prospects have generally been satisfied by the results. We may not be too far from a day when resumes will be seen as an outdated strategy.

Gamification of The Hiring Process

To the average person, using games to hire people may seem like a ridiculous idea, but it’s important to note that the use of gamification in the hiring process goes beyond simply playing a game. The games used are specially designed to test prospective employees. Each game collects thousands of data points, and through an algorithm, they can determine where each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses lie.

In this sense, game theory, talent analytics, cloud computing, and big data are crucial in helping companies learn more about each prospect after only a few minutes of playing a game. Compare that to a regular interview, where a candidate usually tailors their answers around what they think the employer wants to hear.

Social Media’s Impact On One’s Career Search

Playing an equally important role in the changing nature of hiring practices is social media. Some companies now collect information based off of millions of social media profiles to create a list of potential candidates for job openings. This practice takes in whole social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, and considers people even if they haven’t applied for a position. Companies have the ability to create vast databanks of profiles that they can turn to whenever a position opens up.

Indeed, in today’s social media-rich world, some people that are experts in highly specialized skills may not even need to look for a job; they’ll simply be approached by the company in need of those skills. With the use of deep social media scans and big data analytics tools, organizations can identify who would be the right people for the job.

Some companies are turning to social media even if they follow more traditional hiring processes. Often, they will investigate the social media profiles of prospective employees, and it’s making an impact. A survey from Jobvite shows that 55 percent of companies have had to reconsider possible hires due to the social media activity of the candidate. Objectionable material on a profile might just leave a prospect without the job they wanted.

Social media investigations can help companies get a better picture of their candidates as they come to know their values, lifestyles, skills, and how they’ll fit with the company culture. While a social media profile may hurt a candidate’s chances, it could also help. Good behaviors like volunteering and charitable acts may encourage a company to hire a candidate.

Hiring Employees Will Continue to Evolve

Whether using games or social media, it’s clear that hiring processes are changing rapidly. It remains to be seen if this will catch on permanently as there is still some question on if the return on investment is worth it, but prospective employees better be ready in case it does. Organizations are more willing than ever before to leverage technology to help in hiring the best people that will fit their companies. Don’t throw out that resume just yet, but be prepared to play some games when you go in for an interview.

Article Written By: Rick Delgado