Social Superheroes present Event Marketing

Let’s face it, planning a successful event will never be a stroll in the park. Whether your guest list holds 50 or 500 invites, approaching this process with an open mind to new technologies will only have a positive effect.

The industry is quickly developing, and it would be fair to say that pretty much every business can see the value in social media platforms and the power they hold to spread the word about our next big event (or anything for that matter!).

Did you know, Twitter alone boasts around 310 million active users every single month and 500 million tweets are sent out every single day.

Many of the more visual platforms including Instagram and Snapchat have quickly become a priority for events professionals, and with no surprise as images and video are the most shared forms of content we see today. It’s vital to become a part of this culture and utilise it for the success of future events and to get ahead of your competitors.

On that note, we present a superhero themed infographic, created by Maxamillion, showing us how to get the most out of social media for our event marketing efforts, plus a range of interesting statistics. Enjoy!





Article written by Adam Parry. Adam is the Editor at Event Industry News.