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Why You’ll Get More Brand Awareness from Long-Form Content

In the age of seconds-long attention spans, many marketers have clung to the mantra that shorter is better. But it turns out users are happy to engage with long-form content, even on mobile devices. The apparent appetite for long-form content presents an opportunity for brands: With long-form, companies have more space to tell their stories and boost brand awareness. Long-Form, Defined While definitions vary, long-form content is generally considered content

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7 Changes Coming to Content Marketing

You get it. Content marketing is a great way to develop customer relationships, increase brand awareness and target your audience with precision. You’ve given it a go for a while, with some decent results. Now what? You know by now that content marketing isn’t static. Things are always changing. How will you stay ahead of those changes? You must learn how to predict upcoming changes by recognizing the events that

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Five Types of Content that are Changing the Digital Marketing Game

When it comes to Digital Marketing in this day and age, content means everything. Today’s content isn’t a standard five hundred word blog post with stock photos and a call to action. In order to come close to the golden viral numbers, you have to stand out from the crowd. Let’s walk through some of the most recent game changers in the digital marketing world. Infographics   Over the past few

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