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Uber and the lawlessness of ‘sharing economy’ corporates

Companies including Airbnb and Google compare themselves to civil rights heroes, while using their popularity among consumers to nullify federal law. In February, Airbnb chief executive Brian Chesky compared his firm’s defiance of local housing ordinances with that of Gandhi’s passive resistance to British rule. Meanwhile, a tweeter compared Uber to Rosa Parks, defying unjust laws. Chesky quickly backed down after widespread mockery. Companies acting out of self-interest comparing themselves

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Business leaders ‘more diverse’ thanks to technology

Evolving technology has dramatically changed the demographics of business owners, PwC has said. Stephen Moore, who leads PwC’s merger and acquisition business across Yorkshire, said the region is home to an increasingly diverse mid-market business community. He told The Yorkshire Post: “You see a huge diversity of businesses in that space, both in terms of the sector where they’re located and the age profile of owners in those businesses.” Since

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