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Authenticity is a quality that can’t be precisely measured. You can’t report on your company’s authenticity the way you can quarterly sales, gross revenues, or even social media followers. Yet authenticity is vitally important to how well received you are by your target audience, and how much trust they hold for your brand in general. So how can you learn to make your brand as authentic as possible, when there

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10 Tips to Manage Time Like a Pro

Time management is tough, huh? The to-do list increases, but the hours don’t, and soon you find yourself cutting back on downtime to compensate for work load. Fear not, it is possible to manage your time more effectively and allow for leisure time with these tips. Schedule your day Lay out a schedule of your day first thing, or the night before, so you know exactly what you need to

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What Brands Still Need to Learn About Influencer Marketing

Advertisers are still extremely intrigued by the new concept of Influencer Marketing. Social media stars are getting paid to pitch their products to a large base of millennial followers that will trust their opinion. However, influencer marketing is still a relatively new marketing concept with new social media platforms launching frequently, thus there are still standards that need to be established.  With the unfamiliarity of these social media platforms, it

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