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Facebook working on tech that recognises you even if your face is unclear

Facebook already collects information from your photos to suggest tags for your friends when they upload new pictures. Now it looks like the social networking site could be taking things up a level. Researchers from Facebook’s artificial intelligence team have been working on technology that aims to recognise someone even if their face isn’t clearly shown in the photo. The algorithm looks at more than 100 different body parts. It’s

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Mobile App Flaw Leaves Users’ Personal Information Vulnerable

Popular iOS, Android apps affected because of how they store data online. Security researchers have uncovered a flaw in the way thousands of popular mobile applications store data online, leaving users’ personal information, including passwords, addresses, door codes and location data, vulnerable to hackers. The team of German researchers found 56 million items of unprotected data in the applications it studied in detail, which included games, social networks, messaging, medical

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