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How IBM Learned To Love Open Technology

When Lou Gerstner first arrived at IBM as CEO in 1993, he brought a gripe with him from his time running American Express, one of Big Blue’s largest customers. As he wrote in his memoir, Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance, it became central to his transformation of the company. What had happened was that an IBM executive had called one of his division managers and threatened to withdraw support from

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Sounds Waves Could Speed up Wound Healing

SOUNDS GOOD TO US   Application of ultrasound has been shown to speed broken bone regeneration by one third, and even restore memory to mice with Alzheimer’s. Now researchers have found that ultrasound can accelerate healing time of skin wounds too. The elderly and those with diabetes can often develop chronic healing defects such as skin ulcers and bedsores. Chronic wounds like foot ulcers lead to major limb amputation if

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