The New World Of Social: How Publishers Are Using Messaging Platforms To Engage With Audiences

More people have notably been using messaging apps compared to social media apps. WhatsApp is said to be in the lead with more than 1 billion users monthly users while Facebook messenger, WeChat, Viber, Line, and Snapchat follow.

According to Carla Zanoni of the Wall Street Journal, it was a “no brainer” to invest time and energy onto these platforms.

“It’s a different environment and a much more intimate way to reach audiences” Zanoni claims. Samantha Barry from CNN also adds in that people are much more conscious of what they choose to share online. “The way people share news has changed. People don’t share a story to 500 Facebook friends. Social networks have a certain pressure.”

The choice of incorporating publications into messaging apps allow users to discuss content in a much more intimate setting. “It’s about user growth and engagement” Ryan Lytle includes. “Sharing content with smaller groups has been really appealing to people.”

Publishers have not only been using messenger apps to adapt to how people prefer to share news. They have also been using it in order to target audiences that they might not have been able to reach through other platforms. For example, Ryan Lytle from Mashable claims that “Jumping on Line made sense. We are trying to work with younger audiences.”

Samantha Barry from CNN includes “It provides a new way to explore where we go off platform. It’s essential we go where the audiences are. We want to create a CNN news habit for next generation”.

Mashable plans to launch stickers on the Viber messaging app in order to fast track user growth and continue to engage their younger audience. These stickers will include internet language, characters, lingo, and more that can be shared during daily conversations.

“Users who download sticker packs are also following Mashable in the process. It’s playful and fun for users and in the process and we see increased user growth.”

Although publishers claim that jumping onto messenger apps is much harder than social media, it pays off. As Samantha Barry puts it, “If you as a publisher aren’t paying attention to the culture and behavior on messaging apps, you’re gonna be behind.”

Article Written By: Mahin Rahaman