The Strength of Influencer Marketing: How BrandFIT Keeps Integrity

“Influencer Marketing is the fastest growing and most effective channel.” (Tomoson)

We live in a world where content production is so common and typical, that it’s difficult to cut through the noise and stand out from the rest.  This is exactly why brands are changing their strategy and turning influencers into brand representatives. These are the powerful individuals who can genuinely change consumer decisions. When a brand plans their marketing activity around these individuals, they will gain consumers in the long-term and receive a great deal of return on investment!

Influencers are the golden key to marketing, because people do not trust advertisements anymore! Consumers naturally respond to a review through a voice that they trust. It is a strong and effective method to placing your brand’s message. This is called influencer marketing!

The beauty of influencer marketing is the sense of trust. For a fact, people no longer trust advertisements, but they do trust people. More specifically, they trust the human element of influencer marketing and the voice of authority of the influencer. BrandFIT Inc. makes sure that the message is genuine; otherwise ‘influencer marketing’ might become fall into the realms of traditional advertising, or paid promotion. Maybe this is why influencer marketing could be frowned upon by brands, but consumers benefit since they trust when a product receives a good review!

Perhaps one flaw would be the fact that consumers don’t know if it’s genuine or misleading. However, if there’s no honesty involved, it just would not be Influencer Marketing anymore. If you partner with our BrandFIT Inc., we will make sure that there are no false/paid promotions, because it would fail to increase credibility among the audience.

However, one thing is for certain: Influencer marketing is taking off!

Still not convinced? Numbers never lie; here are the Statistics of Influencer Marketing:

  • 92% of consumers turn to people they know for referrals above any other source (Tapfluence and Influitive)
  • Word of mouth generates 2 times the sales of paid advertising (McKinsey)
  • Customers acquired through word-of-mouth have a 37 percent high retention rate. (Deloitte)
  • Businesses make $6.50 for EVERY dollar invested into influencer marketing! (Tomoson)

As noted above, Influencer Marketing is an investment that is not only cost effective, but effective in terms of sales! Statistically speaking, let’s say you invested $10 000 into BrandFIT Inc., you would get $65 000 in return! And not to mention, you would getdouble the sales of expensive paid advertising.

What’s not to love about Influencer Marketing?

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