The World Of DIY Publishing Is Growing, Evolving, And Reaching Wider Audiences

Social platforms have done more than just revolutionize communication-they have redefined how people read books. Beyond the conservation of trees, the benefits of reading books online allows for much more engagement and flexibility.

In a strange way, not being face-to-face with your audience has enabled the writer to receive feedback even more honestly and consistently. Not only is feedback much more available, but a conversation and a community dialogue or debate can be hosted online.

With the style of discussion and feedback, delivery has also evolved.

Sally Slater, author for Wattpad, stated that serialization is now a trend in online reading and writing: releasing a chapter every week like an episode of television tends to attract a consistent following.

Constructed on top of this, commercial references are driving more views and followers, seemingly making stories even more real due to brand recognition.

Fan fiction is also a huge area of growth, due to customers that want to extend their investment of time in the things they support. Among these trends is also greater weight on controversial content-just as people read tabloids and gossip magazines, readers flock to heavily contested topics.

Out of all these trends, we come to realize that the style and success of an online writer is very different from the traditional author. Marketing is now an organic platform extension-sharing to twitter, Facebook, and Instagram will convert to more readers for a successful content producer.

Starting conversations about pieces of content will allow for more engagement and can powerfully guide the write towards more appealing messages and future content. Simply put, the future successful writer needs to be as much a writer as a social media marketer.

Article Written By: James Liao