Things to Do Every Day to Improve Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing is not all about getting more likes, shares or followers. It is actually more than that. You can use those social sites in promoting your brand, driving traffic to your site and increasing conversions. There are several tips that you can follow but there is no one-size-fits-all strategy.


The list below will help you somehow manage your social media accounts on a daily basis.

Monitor Mentions

And make sure that you respond to each of them. On Twitter for example, there might be some people talking about your brand. Unfortunately, most of them do not tag you in their posts or updates.

That said, there are some conversations that you are not aware of but you should be. If you do not know anything about that, then you are putting your brand in a dangerous situation. Some of those conversations might be against your brand and you need to defend your company.

But how you can do so if you are not aware of it? There are a few tools that let you monitor your social media mentions. They can scan conversations that talk about your brands. By using these tools, you canuncover those valuable engagement opportunities that can be extremely useful to your social media marketing effort.

Bolster Relationship with Advocates

Facebook users tend to mention some brands on this site. This is especially true if they are an advocate of a certain brand. You can rely on these people.

If you have outspoken fans, you can rely on them to make a solid word-of-mouth social media marketing and improve your brand advocacy.

Go through some of those people who make a frequent mention of your brand, especially those who make positive comments about your company.

Engage with them to bolster such relationship.

Do not forget those who frequently share your content. It will encourage them to give you more likes and shares.

Find Potential Customers

This is quite similar to those who mention your brand without tagging you. But this time, you will be monitoring conversations involving your competitors. It is also ideal to monitor mentions of keywords similar to your products.

By finding potential customers in this manner, you will get involved inuseful conversations that may attract potential customers to finally visit your site and make a purchase (hopefully).

On Twitter, you can make use of the site’s Advanced Search to search for hashtags related to your niche or conversations that may provide benefits to your brand.

If you like Facebook, you can also use it as your outlet in finding potential customers. Unfortunately, it has limitations because some profiles are set to private.

You may also use Google Alerts to monitor keywords related to your brand across the Internet. The alerts will be delivered straight to your inbox. However, the service does not focus solely on social networks. But it is a great tool to keep you abreast of what is being discussed that might be useful to your brand advocacy and promotions.

Bottom Line

All these tips are useful in improving your social media marketing efforts. You should do this every day to improve your social rankings. And do not forget to post every day on your social medial accounts to further boost your social media marketing strategy.

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By: Jane Danes