Top 10 LinkedIn Groups For Marketing Technology Professionals

LinkedIn is the place to be for professionals looking for new job opportunities, new ideas about their industries, or just looking to connect with like-minded professionals. For those in marketing tech, LinkedIn is an invaluable resource for connecting and interacting. LinkedIn’s groups are the best feature for this.

We’ve gathered just a few of the most useful LinkedIn groups for martech professionals looking to learn from and connect with their peers. Each of these groups requires approved admission but are generally open to any and all marketing technology professionals or those in related fields.


Marketing I CMO I Social Media I Business I Digital


This forum touts itself as the largest general purposes marketing group on LinkedIn, with almost 800,000 members. It is intended for interactive advertising and marketing professionals who are actively engaged around the world. While not specifically about marketing technology, it’s a safe bet you’ll make some fascinating connections there.


Marketing Automation Experts


Marketing Automation Experts is an outlet for professionals who work in or are interested in marketing automation, systematic demand generation, or rules-based lead nurturing. This best practices and consulting focused group is fairly active, with roughly 16.5 thousand members from firms the world over.


Marketing Automation & B2B Marketing


This is a group for exactly what you’d expect it to be. This community is focused on the exchange of knowledge concerning best practices and the latest IT solutions being used for marketing & business development in diverse domains. If your posts are particularly well received in this group, the group’s moderators may share it with parts of a larger network of LinkedIn groups which currently has 500,000 members and a reach of over 2.5 million.


Digital Marketing


Proving sometimes simple titles are the best, this group boasts the largest population of the LinkedIn groups featured on this list, boasting over 1 million members. An extension of the website DigitalDoughnut, discussions here cover all aspects of digital marketing including marketing technology, social media marketing, mobile marketing, search engine marketing, online PR, email marketing, online advertising, measurement, and web analytics.


Marketing Automation Network


Another straightforward title, this group is a hub for any LinkedIn members interested in any aspect of marketing automation including, but not limited to, e-mail marketing, behavioral targeting, marketing automation, CRM, systematic demand generation, and rules-based lead nurturing. The page has frequent postings about marketing automation news and best practices courtesy of its expert members.


Marketing Automation Academy


An anomaly of this list, this group is specifically geared toward users of SalesManago products and is similarly sponsored by that vendor. Moderators offer help and tips with the software, but discussion on B2B or B2C marketing automation is always welcome.


Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Marketing and Retail


We at Solutions Review are intensely focused on AI in marketing automation. If you share that enthusiasm, this is the LinkedIn group for you. The platform allows experts to share insights on analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence as relevant to marketing, media, and retail.


Digital Marketing Professionals


A LinkedIn group targeted at marketing professionals working with email marketing, marketing automation, social media marketing, mobile marketing, online media, search engine marketing, SEO and the like. The members, numbering just shy of 53,000, consistently post about the current events in the space and engage in intriguing discussions on modern marketing.


Marketing Automation World Group


Marketing Automation User Group is a community for marketing automation users or people who are interested in related topics like CRM, email marketing, etc. The group coordinates in-person events and training sessions to discuss inbound marketing strategies and techniques using marketing solutions.


Marketing and Communication Network


This LinkedIn group covers the scope of marketing and communications topics including marketing, advertising, sales, public relations, corporate communication, social media, digital media, digital marketing, market research, media, social media marketing, content marketing, marketing careers, jobs & technology.


Article written by: Connor O’Keefe