Twitter Introduces A New Video Ad Format That Puts Your Brand First In Line

Twitter’s newest ad-format, “First View”, aims to help marketers place their brand story in front of audiences and Twitter users around the globe. It’s starting with video content only, and possibly expanding to other Tweet formats in the future.

Maybe those people who comment “First!” on social media posts were right all along.

Organizations of all shapes and sizes invest time, money, and resources in social media marketing, and at the end of the day, we’re all competing for each others’ attention. So, what would happen if you had the chance to be the very first brand waiting in line for your audience’s attention, the moment they log in or go online? Well, Twitter wants to find out.

After a few months of criticism and doubt, Twitter and CEO, Jack Dorsey, are ready to prove they’re the powerhouse social network that brands and individuals can rely on. Twitter just announced their latest advertising offering called “First View” which utilizes Twitter’s most valuable advertising real estate for a 24-hour period.

“First View” aims to help marketers reach their audience with exclusive ownership of the first Tweet users see when they visit the Twitter app or log in to “First View” will begin as video ads only, which means advertisers utilizing First View will be the top ad slot in the timelines of users, allowing marketers to tell a powerful visual story across the Twitter audience.

While the initial focus will be on video content, TechCrunch reported that a Twitter spokesperson said they’re “considering expanding to other Tweet types in the future.”

Article Written By: Erica Perry