Twitter Marketing 2019

Twitter has always been an extremely valuable marketing tool for all types of businesses and brands. It is a highly-efficient marketing tool in itself when exercised appropriately. Quite different from how other social media channels work for your marketing strategies, working with Twitter in terms of your brand’s marketing means that you get a hold of the trends in real time as your feed gets constantly updated.

FYI, 326 million people use Twitter every month. That’s nine million fewer than in mid 2018, and four million fewer than late 2017. With such a huge and smart audience right out there, Twitter really lets you reach out to your target audience and gives your business a lot of desired results.

Twitter has managed to establish itself as an authoritative and authenticated brand marketing platform.

As Twitter Content marketing continues to grow and get more complex with each passing day, having a unique approach to your Twitter marketing strategy in 2019 will help you shape the way you market your content and the way your audience intends to consume it.

In this blog post below, we will be exploring some of the key tips to include in your Twitter Marketing strategy in 2019

1. Churn your old content for reuse

Re purposing your old content is a great way to boost the reach of your content. When it’s about Twitter, a simple scroll down the feed, finding relevant tweets, and retweeting them does the trick. This retweet can be for any of your old blog articles , infographics, or simply any tweet that you might find relevant. Churning this old content is great because this content is still full on the value quotient and its existing reach can be exercised for your new Twitter strategy.

2. Create your tweet bank well in advance

You have probably heard of the term ‘Content Calendar’. If not, a content calendar has details about what content your business will produce in a given time. It is an incredible tool for your content marketing strategy. In a similar manner, having a tweet bank prepared well in advance will help you stay organized, clear, and consistent on the content that you will be posting for your audience.

3. Decide upon your posting frequency/schedule

You should schedule your Tweets in such a manner that the you can maximize the reach and engagement on them. Deciding upon the frequency of your tweet timing can help you reach and engage more followers. Having a prepared tweet frequency schedule can help you in more ways than you can imagine. Firstly, it increases your productivity as you don’t have to stop whatever you are doing at the moment you have scheduled to push out the tweet. Secondly, the quality and consistency of your tweets is maintained. You can use a scheduling tool like Buffer to directly schedule your Twitter content.

4. Have personalized user interactions

The modern and post 2017 audience and customers prefer personalized content over generic content.  A recent study shows that over 62% of millennials want the brands they interact with to be personable and start a conversation with them. Using a personal touch to gain loyalty is not a new marketing tactic. While you are interacting with your Twitter audience, you can effectively use personalized replies to create a connection with your users. You need to send out a semantic message that you value their feedback and that each user is valuable. This makes your followers feel like they’re a part of the conversation.

5. Introduce a tinge of humor

There are several brands out there who are absolutely nailing their Twitter marketing with the use of subtle humor. Brands like Wendy’s and Netflix are showing other brands how having a humorous corporate Twitter account can not only make you capable of entertaining your audience but also it can make you unconventionally popular. We guess that is what we use marketing for.

6. Use video marketing

If you are really keen on making your Twitter marketing work, you must integrate video marketing into your existing Twitter marketing strategy. This is so because tweets with video attract 10X as much engagement. Tapping this dimension will help you make your Twitter marketing way more vocal. Since 93% of Twitter videos are viewed on mobile, you need to take care of the mobile optimization of your videos if you are already into video marketing of your Twitter content. Promoted tweets with video content are also doing really well these days.

7. Create Twitter lists

Not a lot of brands use Twitter lists even when they are a very effective segmented marketing tool of Twitter. By using Twitter lists, you can create a curated group of Twitter accounts. You can also subscribe to lists created by others brands that are relevant to your industry or marketing concerns. When you are on a list timeline, you will be able to see a stream of Tweets from only the accounts on that list.

Having a list saves you a ton of time that you might spend searching for relevant content for your marketing by improving the signal:noise ratio of your Twitter timeline. It helps you get the right set of followers who are really interested in following your corporate account. They let you grab expert insights and newsjack just in time, and are a great way to scan the activity of your competition.

8. Monitor & measure your Twitter metrics

This part of the guide remains to be relevant in 2019 and beyond. Measuring the ROI on your Twitter marketing efforts and tools is very crucial so that you can be sure that you are not beating around the bush. Learning how to track the right twitter metrics will help you with insightful decisions about your future marketing campaigns.

Here are a few Twitter metrics that are a must-track:

  • Average Tweet Performance
  • The volume of mentions and social media reach on Twitter
  • The total number of positive and negative mentions.
  • Twitter engagement and category of engagement
  • The volume of mentions and social media reach on Twitter
  • Followers’ growth
  • Estimated social media reach
  • Social media interactions


We hope that following and learning more about the guide above will help you understand your audience better and make your Twitter marketing strategy competent enough to transform every interaction in 2019 into an actionable strategy for success.

Article written by: Lucy Barret