Twitter’s ‘Audience Insights’ Helps Marketers Target Campaigns

Could your Twitter marketing use some help? Knowing your audience is key to any successful marketing campaign. This is especially the case with social media marketing, where businesses face stiff competition and short attention spans.

Now, Twitter is offering an easy way to improve your Twitter marketing campaigns. The company unveiled its new audience insights tool, which helps marketers gain a better understanding of their Twitter audience and better target their campaigns.

Here’s what the audience insights tool has to offer and how it can help you improve your Twitter marketing campaigns.

Audience insights lets marketers gather all types of data on followers, as well as measure user engagement and discover potential targets for future campaigns. Businesses can find this information using audience insights’ wide range of analytics metrics:

  • Demographics (such as gender, marital status and income)
  • Interests
  • Lifestyle (including occupations)
  • Purchasing behavior
  • TV shows users watch
  • Mobile usage

With all of this data at their disposal, businesses can further tailor their Twitter marketing campaigns to better target their content and expand their reach.

For instance, one example Twitter gives is a campaign for a new cosmetics line — audience insights can help such a business find out which beauty products its audience has purchased recently, see which fashion trends they follow and make note of their TV viewership. These data can be further broken down into submetrics like consumer behavior, including online shoppers and buying styles. Marketers can then use this information to specifically segment and target Twitter Ads, tweets and Vines for a more successful campaign, Twitter said in a blog post.

Another useful metric is followers’ mobile behavior. Twitter representatives said this metric is particularly helpful in tailoring content for specific devices. For instance, iPhone app developers can tailor their rich media specifically to the iPhone.

Additionally, businesses can compare audiences, such as their followers versus the rest of the Twitterverse. Comparisons can be based on various metrics to help identify potential reach and user engagement beyond that of their followers.

To start using audience insights, businesses can either log in toads.twitter.comor A Twitter Ads account is required. To register, visit